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Health Systems’ Winning Strategies for the Deployment of the Right WMS

Brent Johnson, CPO-VP Supply Chain at Intermountain Healthcare, reveals how he built his distribution infrastructure from the ground up and was able to achieve long-term operational excellence and hard benefits in less than one year. You’ll also hear from Robert Colosino, VP Marketing & Business Development, how TECSYS is taking the lead in addressing current supply chain challenges and empowering distribution organizations to get ahead in their competitive landscape.

Learn How To:

  • Transform your health system’s supply chain into a cost-effective infrastructure and free your clinicians to deliver quality care.
  • Reduce your supply spend and the cost of expired products by millions of dollars, and recover millions in unclaimed expenses.
  • Select the right solution provider, one that understands health systems, and avoid mishaps and costly mistakes. Like the old saying: Measure twice, cut once!
  • Reduce implementation time by up to 60% by leveraging best-in-class business process blueprints specifically for health systems.
  • Provide your supply chain system users and clinicians with intuitive, user-friendly access to knowhow that empowers them to maximize the returns on your software investment.


Isn’t this the most interesting time in US healthcare? Actually, in healthcare across the globe? Because no matter how your healthcare system is funded, the containment and management of supply chain costs is a constant business reality we are all facing. To that end, supply chain is finally coming into its own in the C-Suite of most organizations. We are realizing, as an industry, that what has worked in the past will no longer work in our emerging reality — on all sides of the business equation. Everyone has to participate in the change.

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