Hospitals & Health Systems

Before reaching your patients, healthcare supplies traditionally travel a complex supply chain involving many steps, numerous middlemen, and substantial fees. This process, filled with redundancies and inefficiencies, is where the cost of healthcare rises. Unfortunately, there's also a cost to your patients when your hospital staff must spend their time locating and replenishing supplies instead of dispensing care.

TECSYS healthcare solutions free up your hospital staff to be caregivers, not stocktakers, benefitting both staff and patients!

TECSYS Software for Health Systems

Designed for the health system supply chain, TECSYS healthcare software consists of:

  • Consolidated Service Center Management : enjoy real-time warehousing and inventory control from fulfillment to financials
  • Hospital & Clinic Inventory Management : free up clinical staff to focus on patient care, with an automated, user-friendly Supply Management System for point-of-use locations
  • Planning & Procurement : achieve greater purchasing power by forecasting and managing aggregated demand, and leveraging rebates and discounts through contract compliance
  • Mobile Delivery : perform inventory tracking from the service center, through every step of the hospital, to the patient
  • OR Inventory Manager : reduce costs and waste in the perioperative supply chain before, during, and after surgery.

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