Reduce the Human Cost of Healthcare

Healthcare products travel a complex supply chain involving many steps, numerous middlemen, and substantial fees before reaching patients. This process, filled with redundancies and inefficiencies, is where the cost of healthcare rises and where the potential for deadly stockouts occurs.

Unfortunately, there's also a cost to your patients and your hospital staff when clinicians must spend time locating and replenishing supplies instead of dispensing care.

TECSYS healthcare solutions ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time, freeing up your hospital staff to be caregivers, not stocktakers.

That's good news for both your clinical staff and your patients!

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Consolidated Service Center Management

Enjoy real-time warehousing and inventory control from fulfillment to financials.

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Hospital & Clinic Inventory Management

Free up clinical staff to focus on patient care with an automated, user-friendly Supply Management System for point-of-use locations.

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Planning & Procurement

Achieve greater purchasing power by forecasting and managing aggregated demand, and leveraging rebates and discounts through contract compliance.

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Delivery Management

Perform inventory tracking from the service center, through every step of the hospital, to the patient.

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Perioperative Supply Chain Management

Reduce costs and waste in the perioperative supply chain before, during, and after surgery.

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Point-of-Use Automation

Optimize the supply chain, improve productivity and lower processing costs per item.

Consolidated Service Center Management

Hospitals have specific needs when it comes to requisitioning, forecasting, patient care, warehousing, delivery, and collaboration. Meeting these needs throughout the distribution of healthcare products puts great demands on hospital logistics systems.

TECSYS Consolidated Service Center Management software allows you to operate more effectively with patients, staff, suppliers, and distributors, and add value to your hospitals, while continuing to meet the needs of healthcare users. It is also GS1 Compliant.

Real-time Inventory

See exactly what you have and provide it where it's needed most for improved patient care and reduced over-purchasing of stock.

Requisition Efficiency

Automated inventory selection, work planning, pick, pack, and ship instructions guarantee time-efficient requisition fills.


Manage secure locations with complete product movement traceability and expiry date control, ensuring compliance and patient safety.

Scalable, Perpetual Inventory Control

  • Supports multiple bins and random storage
  • Optimizes space utilization
  • Systematic, optimized cycle counting
  • System-directed proactive movements to speed requisition picking

Labor Management

  • Directed movements for efficiency
  • Eliminates manual searching for products
  • Performance tracking and reporting
  • RF/Barcode scanning to speed entry and increase accuracy

Real-time Operations

  • Real-time tracking of inventory changes and movements
  • System-directed movements for picking, storing and let downs
  • Extreme accuracy through barcode scanning
  • Optimization tools for routing and time cut-offs

Hospital & Clinic Inventory Management

Today's hospitals face many daily challenges — volatile customer demand, little or no inventory visibility, diverse patient care processes, and complex payment structures, all spanning geographically-dispersed facilities! Meeting these challenges puts great demands on their logistics systems, particularly in point-of-use settings, where clinical staff have to manually manage inventory. The human step in the process is very time-consuming and error-prone, and therefore costly.

Designed and configured for the hospital supply chain, TECSYS' Supply Management System (SMS) directly addresses all of a hospital's global inventory management and point-of-use challenges. SMS is a user-friendly supply chain execution solution that enables hospitals and clinics to become significantly more efficient at point-of-use locations, freeing up clinical staff to focus on patient care.

With SMS, the supply chain process at point-of-use locations is intuitive and completely automated. SMS uses touch-screen technology to facilitate ease-of-access to information with the least amount of intervention. Products are captured via bar codes and stored in the TECSYS system, enabling purchasing organizations to track usage, re-order to minimums and plan the demand accordingly.

In addition to providing global visibility into inventory levels across the entire health system, SMS allows the hospital system to analyze the value of those inventories at all locations. Without TECSYS' SMS, the inventory value would be expensed the moment the asset leaves the hospital distribution center.

TECSYS' SMS offers a variety of checkout methods, all supporting various needs and circumstances: wireless RF bar code reader, handheld RF or docking reader, voice feedback or touch screen entry capabilities.

Benefits of Hospital & Clinic Inventory Management

  • Immediate access to supplies anywhere in the IDN
  • IDN-wide inventory visibility and automated replenishment
  • Reduced waste — no stockpiling or expired products
  • Clinical staff-friendly technology, freeing them to focus on patient care
  • Significantly reduced manual labor in hospitals and clinics
  • The ability to reclaim millions of dollars of uncharged supplies to become billable items
  • Significantly improved cash-to-cash cycle

Designed for Clinical Users and Work Environment

  • Addresses the just-in-time needs of the clinical supply chain
  • Easily provides product, availability and alternate location information in real time
  • Maximizes the efficiency of caregivers
  • Frees-up clinical staff from supply chain challenges to focus on patient care

IDN-wide Visibility

  • Provides clear visibility of inventory across the IDN, no matter where the inventory is located
  • Provides for accurate and real-time information — products, SKUs, counts and locations
  • Eliminates stock-outs

Intelligent Demand Forecasting and Purchasing

  • Demand-driven supply forecasting/purchasing based on real-time, accurate information and established par levels
  • Automated creation of replenishment requisitions from any location to facilitate replenishment of supply locations
  • Informed decisions on usage, orders, reorder points, obsolescence, on hand, availability; visibility of who has what, when and where at each point-of-use location

Optimum Ease-of-Use

  • Clinical staff-friendly
  • Simple touch-screen, RF and voice technology for quick and easy access to supplies
  • Clinicians spend a small fraction of their time on supply chain matters
  • In the event of stock shortages, clinicians can immediately locate equivalent products anywhere on the floor or in another building

Maximizing Cash Flow

  • Improves cash-to-cash cycle
  • Improves inventory turns and accuracy
  • Reduces overall level of inventory
  • Provides information for item usage and associated data tracking for patient billing and forecasting
  • Reduces waste — no stockpiling, no overbuying or expired products
  • Reduces costs associated with emergency reorder, shipping, and the high cost of low-volume ordering due to emergencies
  • Uses less cash — less inventory = less cash tied up

Planning & Procurement

As hospitals search for ways to reduce costs and improve the quality of their patient care, identifying efficient methods of managing their supply chains has become a major focus for them.

The increasing demand for improved healthcare services has also highlighted the urgent need for hospitals to exchange timely information with pharmaceutical and medical/surgical distributors and manufacturers. Knowing what products you will need, and when you will need them, is critical to your health system. It is also critical for your partners, staff, patients and suppliers alike.

The only way for hospital networks to deliver this kind of efficiency is with advanced demand planning and procurement capabilities from TECSYS. By forecasting and managing aggregated demand, or by leveraging rebates and discounts through contract compliance, TECSYS Planning & Procurement software unlocks the door to greater purchasing power and more intelligent decision making.

Benefits of Planning and Procurement

  • Manage and forecast aggregated demand for the entire network for greater purchasing power with GPOs or suppliers.
  • Analyze usage trends by facility to ensure the right products are always available for each individual facility at the lowest cost.
  • Obtain higher supplier/contract discounts while reducing processing costs through automated purchase consolidation to contract.
  • Allocate shipment of supplier deliveries across individual facilities and/or floors, either through planning or as a result of direct demand.
  • Analyze multiple suppliers, various buying and usage patterns, and current inventory levels to choose the most cost effective supplier.
  • Allow nurses or floor attendants to order quickly and within compliance, allowing patient care to be the top priority on each floor.
  • No more surprises — get the complete picture of what suppliers have available or in transit for any, or all, of your healthcare facilities.
  • Reduce overstock at individual facilities by reviewing inventory levels for all locations within your hospital network.
  • Centralize procurement with distributed delivery throughout the hospital network.
  • Identify and manage product standards; reduce costs by allowing volume purchases while increasing patient care by using recognized, approved products.

Demand Forecasting

  • Cross-facility demand tracking
  • Intelligent, automated forecasting
  • Time-phased buy recommendations
  • Intelligent shifting of non-stock to stock

Cross-Facility Visibility

  • Optimized inventory across all sites
  • Cross-facility decision-making
  • Cross-facility measures

Supply Chain Optimization

  • Standardized/volume purchasing
  • Centralized purchasing, distributed deliveries

Buyer's Tools

  • Streamlining/optimizing buyer's tasks
  • Exception handling tools (minimum buy, etc.)

Sourcing Decision Making

  • Stock and non-stock orders, special orders, and drop shipments
  • Internal versus external sourcing
  • Exception handling for expediting

Delivery Management

As health systems and hospitals are being forced to do more with less, there's a growing realization that their local supply chains have a problem — it costs way too much to move goods between hospitals, clinics and service centers and there is little or no control over their movements! The trouble is, it's very hard to know where to focus your improvement efforts when you don't know where all the opportunities for savings are.

TECSYS TMS for Healthcare brings together the best practices of world class couriers to manage local supply chains specifically for health systems, and help them drive down transportation costs with a single, centralized, easy-to-use transportation management system. TMS for Healthcare suits healthcare courier operations of any volume or complexity and requires almost no driver training. Its capabilities can be adopted progressively which allows health systems to build towards a world-class healthcare courier operation at their own pace.


Drivers get all the vital information they need to ensure their handling conforms to hospital best-practices and government regulatory requirements for each special type of item shipped. This means your critical patient specimens, sensitive patient records or controlled drugs with sealed delivery containers are properly managed throughout the entire transportation process.


Without tracking there can be no accountability! From pick up to drop off, everything that happens to your shipments is recorded and tracked through signature or employee badge proof-of-activity. With this kind of real-time mobile traceability, you have hard statistics to prove your drivers are doing their jobs, and to measure the true quality of your customer service.


Just like industry-leading couriers, TMS for Healthcare provides your customers a self-service portal with up-to-the-minute tracking status of goods-in-motion.

TMS for Healthcare keeps track of every time an item is touched during delivery. This data feeds operational and tactical dashboards that give your dispatchers the whole picture of their shipment activities. They also act as an overall indicator of the "health" of your local supply chain by giving you a true picture of what's going on within your courier service, and also where to focus to head off potential problems.


TMS for Healthcare eliminates redundancies associated with complex delivery networks through multi-stage, routed deliveries and integrated dynamic dispatching. Dock management features like staging, assisted sorting, cross-docking and loading ensure tight delivery windows are not jeopardized by reduced dock capacity or slowdowns.

Like a well-trained co-pilot, TMS for Healthcare recognizes your courier drivers’ priorities. It predicts drivers' next steps and records their activities, provides key information to speed their pick-ups and deliveries, and gathers the critical piece tracking and activity information they need to get a true picture of "what's going on". Using such a smart system leads to 100% scanning compliance because drivers love how it minimizes their workload and helps them stay focused on their jobs.

Perioperative Supply Chain Management

The perioperative supply chain management challenges before, during, and after surgeries, are enormous and represent the highest cost of inventory in an organization.

Lack of inventory visibility is a common challenge in the healthcare supply chain across the board — but it is exacerbated in the perioperative setting. It is the very nature of this fast-paced clinical area that leaves decision makers wondering exactly how much inventory do they have and exactly where it is?

Unique Process
Legacy approaches do not support the supply chain needs of the perioperative staff, and lead to overstocking and hoarding. Clinical staff are fearful of not having what they need when they need it. Supply chain staff is stressed about meeting patient needs while maintaining optimal operational performance.

Patient Care
Healthcare delivery is especially acute in the OR. The liability of expired or recalled products that may be lingering in storage areas is all too real and very high risk. When upwards of 47% of recalled products are not identified, decision-makers must look for a new solution before they seriously jeopardize patient care.

TECSYS' OR (Operating Room) Inventory Manager is all about visibility, control and efficient operations. It optimizes supply chain processes in the challenging OR environment which translates into reduced costs and less waste while maintaining the inventory levels needed to deliver excellent perioperative services. As a result, TECSYS' OR Inventory Manager restores clinical staff's confidence in the reliability of the perioperative supply chain process, and enables best-in-class performance in support of the delivery of safe patient care.

Leveraging some thirty years of supply chain execution solutions' experience and more than eighteen years in healthcare, TECSYS' OR Inventory Manager was designed specifically for the perioperative environment. It is a breakthrough clinical-staff-friendly supply chain execution solution that responds to the significant challenges of the perioperative supply chain process — before, during and post-surgery.

By deploying a process based on proven best practice with innovative technology that supports the operational improvements, decision makers are able to meet their perioperative supply chain challenges head-on and make the future a reality.

TECSYS' OR Inventory Manager includes TECSYS' patent pending Visual Logistics® technology to provide visual cues and alerts to the supply chain and clinical staff for improved management, visibility and exceptions. It is possible to automate the entire supply chain process. Products are captured via barcodes and stored in the TECSYS system, enabling health system purchasing organizations to track usage, re-order to minimums and plan the demand accordingly.

TECSYS' OR Inventory Manager is the only complete supply chain solution that will transform the perioperative supply chain into service excellence for health systems, improves efficiencies and decision-making throughout the entire preoperative continuum, and improves satisfaction — OR staff devotes their time to medical procedures and patient care, leading to increase in job satisfaction and overall productivity.

Benefits and Capabilities of OR Inventory Manager

  • Automates the perioperative supply chain execution processes — receiving, putaway, picking including case cart and sterile packs preparation.
  • The ability to integrate to the hospital ERP, EHR, ADT and/or other systems1 to synchronize procedure case information and surgeon preference card.
  • Eliminates manual processes, decreases incidence of human errors.
  • Enables hospital-wide inventory visibility, replenishment, lot and serial number tracking.
  • Provides procedure-base inventory allocation and tracking.
  • The ability to manage products on consignment, view order status, automatic reconciliation, eliminate misplaced items.
  • Significantly reduces expired products, overstocking and last minute ordering one-offs and overnight shipments.
  • Provides for the analysis of case cost and inventory value. The ability to capture expenses associated with each case for billing and revenue recognition purposes.

Point-of-Use Automation

In the healthcare provider industry, not all supplies can be treated equally when seeking to optimize the supply chain and reduce per item process costs. For this reason, TECSYS point-of-use solutions are designed with material flows that vary with the value of the item, its traceability needs, and its status in a case-managed environment. This differentiated approach facilitates customization of the supply chain while significantly improving productivity and lowering process costs per item number.

RFID-enabled Two-bin Replenishment

The 2BIN-iD solution automates the replenishment of general supplies. It is unique in that it requires no counting or data entry in the user department and limits user involvement to a minimum. It facilitates inventory turnover and control of inventory levels, and it helps prevent the expiration of products.

RFID-enabled Item-level Traceability

The CC-iD data collection and inventory management solution automates the management of items requiring unitary traceability, such as high value or implantable supplies. CC-iD substantially reduces the involvement of clinical staff in this process while enhancing the quality and availability of pertinent information. Not only does it facilitate just-in-time inventory management and reduce on-hand inventory values, it also offers advanced traceability capabilities.

Charge Capture and Patient-level Traceability

The PC-iD solution simplifies and streamlines patient charging by eliminating manual transcriptions and documentation involved in case costing. Independent of replenishment management, PC-iD enables unitary consumption to be captured and linked to patients, caregivers and procedures. It generates accurate patient billing, improved revenue capture and increased reimbursements. The PC-iD add-on module is designed to address challenges facing the healthcare sector, including quantifiably recovering revenue and sustaining operational efficiency.

High-density Storage Equipment

The Logi-D suite of solutions is enhanced when combined with its extensive high-density modular storage and distribution platform. Designed specifically for healthcare institutions, this continually evolving system includes a number of features not available in any other system of its kind.

Logi-D offers the ISO-iD brand—a range of the best ISO 40/60 storage solutions sourced internationally. The unique Logi-D storage and distribution equipment offering consists of the top components in the ISO 40/60 standard, sourced from various vendors worldwide to maximize the innovations in individual components. These are brought together as finished products to form the most comprehensive best of breed suite of ISO standard storage solutions available today.

Automated Case Management

CIRCUIT-iD is designed for the perioperative environment. Driven by procedure preference cards, it was developed to facilitate case picking processes and precisely capture the cost of all items used during normal clinical activities with a minimum of effort. In addition to efficiently maintaining accurate case costing records, CIRCUIT-iD provides dynamic preference card optimization.

Data Capture and Treatment Middleware

At the center of the Logi-D offering is a core middleware application, LogiDATA-iD, which both automates the conversion of accurate data to meaningful information — thereby accelerating demand response decisions — and provides value and a superior overview of the information flow to enable fact based decision making. LogiDATA-iD serves as a common platform for all Logi-D solutions, enabling centralized control of point-of-use supply management and intelligent dashboard analytics for continuous improvement opportunities.

It will revolutionize how business is conducted.

The return on investment is solid. If you are looking for innovation to become a front runner in the industry, then you should look at TECSYS' portfolio of products. I did look and did not find anyone with the same depth and breadth of a superior Warehouse Management System solution as TECSYS.

Donna Van Vlerah, Vice President, Supply Chain, Parkview Health

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