Mobile Delivery

Getting products to your hospitals and clinics on time and in the most cost-effective way has always been a challenge for hospital systems. Multiple hand-offs, manual paper trails, and few automated or recorded steps can lead to poor service, late deliveries and even lost products.

The Solution

TECSYS Mobile Delivery software is a powerful event tracking and delivery management system. It streamlines and manages all steps involved in putting the right products in the right hands at the right time. From the loading of delivery trucks to the hospital receiving dock, right through to the proper floor location and/or person, every step is automated and tracked to ensure optimum delivery.

When combined with TECSYS Consolidated Service Center Management software, Mobile Delivery extends the load building and shipping functionality inherent in the distribution center, and allows for end-to-end visibility of all phases of the shipment through a service-centric portal.

With TECSYS Mobile Delivery software, you have complete control over product delivery that's secure and cost-effective. After all, you’re not just delivering packages, you’re delivering superior service.

Business Benefits

  • Fast delivery of products to all your facilities
  • Dramatic reduction in claims for lost packages
  • Improved service provided to hospitals and clinics by tracking deliveries
  • Time savings through Web-based inquiry versus manual paper lookup
  • Simplified return of supplies from stock
  • Peace of mind that products ordered are delivered on time

Key Capabilities

  • End-to-end visibility of all phases of the shipment
  • Truck loading and route scheduling
  • Signature capture at every location
  • Alerts of delivery
  • Scheduled pickups
  • Delivery tracking and reporting
  • Reverse logistics
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