Planning & Procurement

As hospitals search for ways to reduce costs and improve the quality of their patient care, identifying efficient methods of managing their supply chains has become a major focus for them.

The increasing demand for improved healthcare services has also highlighted the urgent need for hospitals to exchange timely information with pharmaceutical and medical/surgical distributors and manufacturers. Knowing what products you will need, and when you will need them, is critical to your health system. It is also critical for your partners, staff, patients and suppliers alike.

The Solution

The only way for hospital networks to deliver this kind of efficiency is with advanced demand planning and procurement capabilities from TECSYS. By forecasting and managing aggregated demand, or by leveraging rebates and discounts through contract compliance, TECSYS Planning & Procurement software unlocks the door to greater purchasing power and more intelligent decision making.

Business Benefits

Demand Management

  • Manage and forecast aggregated demand for the entire network for greater purchasing power with GPOs or suppliers.
  • Analyze usage trends by facility to ensure the right products are always available for each individual facility at the lowest cost.

Enterprise Purchase Order Consolidation

  • Obtain higher supplier/contract discounts while reducing processing costs through automated purchase consolidation to contract.
  • Allocate shipment of supplier deliveries across individual facilities and/or floors, either through planning or as a result of direct demand.

Buyer Decision Management and Supplier Management

Analyze multiple suppliers, various buying and usage patterns, and current inventory levels to choose the most cost effective supplier.

Station Requisitioning

Allow nurses or floor attendants to order quickly and within compliance, allowing patient care to be the top priority on each floor.

Purchase Visibility

No more surprises—get the complete picture of what suppliers have available or in transit for any, or all, of your healthcare facilities.

Inventory Visibility

Reduce overstock at individual facilities by reviewing inventory levels for all locations within your hospital network.

Enterprise Control

Centralize procurement with distributed delivery throughout the hospital network.

Product Standardization

Identify and manage product standards; reduce costs by allowing volume purchases while increasing patient care by using recognized, approved products.

Key Capabilities

TECSYS Planning & Procurement software contains many key efficiency features:

Demand Forecasting

  • Cross-facility demand tracking
  • Intelligent, automated forecasting
  • Time-phased buy recommendations
  • Intelligent shifting of non-stock to stock

Cross-Facility Visibility

  • Optimized inventory across all sites
  • Cross-facility decision-making
  • Cross-facility measures

Supply Chain Optimization

  • Standardized/volume purchasing
  • Centralized purchasing, distributed deliveries

Buyer's Tools

  • Streamlining/optimizing buyer's tasks
  • Exception handling tools (minimum buy, etc.)

Sourcing Decision Making

  • Stock and non-stock orders, special orders, and drop shipments
  • Internal versus external sourcing
  • Exception handling for expediting
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