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Learn all about Kanban, the leading replenishment practice, and start managing your general supplies like other top healthcare performers. Become your organization's Kanban Ninja by learning how to:

  • Evaluate what Kanban can do for you and how to obtain organizational buy-in
  • Successfully set up a Kanban location
  • Scale and sustain a Kanban setup across the entire enterprise

Kanban Basics

Kanban Videos


Lessons Learned by Concord Hospital

TECSYS Ultimate Kanban Guide Webinar 1 Replay


Step-by-Step Guide to Kanban Success

TECSYS Ultimate Kanban Guide Webinar 2 Replay


How to Scale Kanban Across an Enterprise

TECSYS Ultimate Kanban Guide Webinar 3 Replay


Webinar Facilitator: Nancy Pakieser, Sr. Director, Industry Development, TECSYS

Webinar Presenters: Jodi Panzino, Director, Material Management, Concord Hospital and Sam Ibrahim, Project Manager, TECSYS