Financial and Account Management

TECSYS delivers complete financial control—full integration with real-time information and extensive reporting for effective administration, all designed with the 3PL business model in mind.

Business Benefits

  • Increased profitability: optimize your profits by tightly customizing your pricing model.
  • Reduced overheads: reduce your operating workload by automating your billing process; ensure consistency by verifying input and transactional parameters through error checking mechanisms.
  • Capital management and profit predictability: use a detailed knowledge of costs and unparalleled control of profits to stretch your limited capital, and ensure you have predictable profits every month.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: increase customer loyalty by highlighting all the value-added services you provide; fine-tune your discount and billing structure for preferred customers.
  • New revenue generation: identify new sources of revenue, and ensure you can profit from them, using sophisticated views of operational cost margins.
  • Contract management: measure contract performance by examining profits and losses across categories, such as customer and time.
  • Performance management: unprecedented visibility and accuracy forces operational accountability and empowers performance management and benchmarking, all driven from the bottom line.
  • Financial management: a flexible financial solution that adapts to your specific business, giving you the tools required for optimal financial control.
  • Know your business: comprehensive Management Reporting and Management by Exception.
  • Increase your responsiveness: anticipate trouble areas and act to avoid potential problems.

Key Capabilities

  • Activity-based billing management according to each client's distinct attributes
  • Multi-site and multi-division cost accounting support
  • Flexible tools to easily create complex contractual rules
  • Complex billing methods, such as bill by volume, activity, time and unit are simple to set up and maintain
  • Value added services are highlighted and billed appropriatly to each customer and service
  • Capture all facets of billing as each transaction occurs ensuring key costs associated with a transaction are captured and billed.
  • Fully customizable to capture and track recurring expense, including monthly minimums, storage and other user-configurable categories.
  • Customer profitability
  • Account activity statistics
  • Average days to pay information and payment history
  • G/L distribution
  • Audit trails
  • Flexible period posting
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