Visibility and Collaboration

The internet represents a tremendous advantage for a 3PL provider. The linking of customers, and customers' customers, to a 3PL provider, turns a run-of-the-mill service organization into a truly integrated business partner.

Business Benefits

The Value of Integration

  • Offer your customers secure, real-time access to their inventory and orders from a simple Internet connection.
  • Pass off or automate the handling of day-to-day transactions allowing you to focus on the real job of managing your facility.
  • Give your customers the level of control they desire WITHOUT losing overall control of the system.
  • Allow the two way exchange of information in real time.
  • Empower your customers and your employees with self service tools to personalize the information they can see and manage, in the format that suits them best.
  • Accept data via EDI, XML or most any other format customers give you.

The Right Information at the Right Time

  • Offer value to your customers through technologies that let you reinforce customer loyalty by adding value to your products while generating new sources of revenue
  • Have critical information presented to you on a visual dashboard of key performance indicators, as it happens, updated by the second.
  • Trigger alerts if a critical event occurs, freeing you to do your work instead of waiting "for that order to come in".
  • Automatically notify your customers when their events occur, without having to worry if the events get done.
  • Using iTopia®, discover that partner information is as easily integrated into your business systems as your own enterprise data is.

Key Capabilities

  • Personalized business information and search results for both employees and customers, viewable in whatever format suits them best.
  • Linking and drill-down allows initial summary levels of information to be shown, and more detailed views if further information is desired.
  • Integrated rich content permits images, diagrams or any other meaningful item to be attached to any piece of data.
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