Warehouse and Distribution

In the highly competitive 3PL market, having a totally integrated, efficient and productive warehouse management system is no longer a huge advantage, it's a necessity!

Your customers demand accurate, timely and relevant information about their inventory and orders, so they can offer their customers the best service possible. That means your customer service has to be even better...and TECSYS Warehouse Management System (WMS) ensures you provide exactly that!

Business Benefits

  • Maintain 100% accuracy while simultaneously increasing transaction volume
    Get more out of what you have by properly using all of your assets to their fullest.
  • Get information anywhere, anytime using any device
    Get the answers you need, access critical warehouse information, and head off problems before they become disasters by having your information available exactly when and where you need it.
  • Offer order cycle time guarantees
    "In by 4:00pm, out the same day" is now possible.
  • Provide value added services
    Generate new revenue from kitting, assemble-to-order or light manufacturing services, print and apply customer specific or UCC-128 labels, manage RFID tags for vendor compliance.
  • Radically improve your ability to react
    Designed with the 3PL industry in mind, agility and flexibility are the watchword of TECSYS' warehouse management system.
  • Boast consistently accurate inventory
    Eliminate physical counts by constantly monitoring inventory levels, without adding labor.
  • Achieve real, measurable ROI
    Using key performance indicators, you will see the true and quantifiable results of your warehouse system.

Key Capabilities


  • Shipment configuration/consolidation based on user-defined strategies
  • Automatic or user-managed wave creation
  • Flexible storage rules
  • Order prioritization
  • Rush order interrupts


  • Cross-dock management, including opportunistic and planned
  • Confirmation against PO and ASN
  • Over/under receipt handling
  • Unplanned receipts and non-inventory receiving
  • PO receipt link to outbound shipment order
  • Quarantine receiving
  • Dock management


  • System-directed and recommended putaway
  • On-demand product bar code label printing
  • Put and confirm
  • Assign license plates
  • Direct-to-putaway zone sorting

Inventory Control

  • Stock locator: receiving, putaway, inventory moves, picking, packing, replenishment, shipping, loading, cycle counting
  • Radio frequency and bar coding for all (or selected) warehouse functions or areas
  • Dynamic or wave-based replenishment
  • Support for physical inventories and velocity-based cycle counts
  • FIFO/Lot Control/Serial Number/Expiration Date Tracking/FEFO
  • Quarantine inventory management
  • Value-added services to manage special production, kitting operations and custom labeling


  • System-directed RF task management and task interleaving
  • Multiple pick methods, including wave, batch and cluster
  • Volumetrics and automatic shipping carton selection
  • Full pallet and partial pallet order picking
  • Load build, BOL, manifest, carrier labeling and rating
  • Outbound transportation handling
  • On-demand product label bar code printing


  • Customer usage
  • Labor productivity
  • Service levels
  • Item velocity reporting
  • Facility management metrics
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