Big Solutions for Small Business

TECSYS solutions are a leap forward for small- to mid-sized giftware and import-to-retail distributors. TECSYS delivers the industry's most advanced functionality for the total management of a supply chain — a supply chain that includes products, suppliers, consumers, and retailers...anytime and anywhere in the world!

The Right Stuff

With TECSYS, you can accurately cost and track your overseas purchases so you know where they are, when they’ll arrive, and what the expected landed cost will be. You’ll watch your cancelled orders, backorders and overstocking plummet as TECSYS order management ensures your customers get the right orders at the right time. Powerful forecasting capabilities allow you to purchase the right stock at the right time, resulting in reduced stock levels and increased product turns.

Whatever your niche is, we’ll make sure your business takes full advantage of the TECSYS product, and that your internal processes conform to industry best practices. Match this with a team of industry experts — professionals who specialize in your field — and you have a solution that is a dream come true. For you and your customers!