Forecasting, Purchasing and Importing

TECSYS gives you the tools to deliver top-selling merchandise. Extensive real-time information gives you a variety of capabilities.

Business Benefits and Key Capabilities

Get the Right Products at the Right Time

  • Re-order forecasting based on demand history by month and lead times.
  • Analysis for re-order patterns and product distribution breadth to ensure you bring in the hot sellers for that season.
  • Track "in-transit" shipments from overseas, with container numbers and vessels.
  • Account and track forecasted orders from major accounts in your inventory management.

Achieve Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Suggested purchase order generation to make purchasing less laborious.
  • For accurate costs, automate landed cost calculations and allocated cost by item.
  • Fulfillment and stock allocation based on fill rate, order value, customer priority and future receipt—deliver more products with fewer shipments.