Sales Order Management

Improve customer service, encourage customer loyalty and increase revenue through cutting-edge order management. Our screens have been designed with input from our customers to maximize information and minimize the effort required to produce a quote or an order.

Order Management

  • Efficiently and accurately process orders with system-wide visibility into product availability.
  • Offer alternative or up-sell products.
  • Identify and offer alternatives to superceded items.
  • View customer buying history, credit status and historical pricing data.
  • Auto-generate orders by tagging and picking items from invoice history.
  • Process and track cash sales.
  • Automatically credit check orders with auto alert/hold when past due or credit exceeded.

Quote Management

  • Track quotes by sales representative, customer or product.
  • Provide customer and supplier due dates and assign individuals for follow-up.
  • Automatically insert user-defined opening and closing paragraphs.
  • Automatically create an order from a quote and track the quote-to-order hit ratio.

Price Management

  • Accurately price sales orders and quotes through a powerful and flexible pricing engine.
  • Manage customer pricing contracts.
  • Provide deal or promotional pricing.
  • Pricing based on last price charged.
  • Quantity break pricing.
  • Pricing by customer type.
  • Rules-based combination pricing.
  • Customer-defined pricing matrices.
  • Customer best price.

Accurate Credit Processing

  • Ability to pull lines from the original invoice to ensure proper credit processing.