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To win in the highly competitive distribution world, you need to continually look for ways to drive down operational costs and escalate your level of customer service. It's a game in which your warehouse needs to be your supply chain's most valuable player — financially and with your customers!

When almost every warehouse management system on the market promises to reduce warehouse inefficiencies, increase order accuracy, improve inventory management, and deliver stellar customer service, where can distributors turn to get ahead (and stay ahead) of the competition?

TECSYS' WMS stands out from the crowd by delivering all that AND MORE with major advantages such as Visual Logistics®, Visual-on-Voice, Real Scalability, Accessibility from Anywhere at Any Time, and Extended Supply Chain Visibility beyond the warehouse.

So ask yourself:

Is my WMS my most competitive weapon?

Does my WMS visibility stop at the warehouse walls?

Do I want to settle for a WMS that delivers the status quo when I need the future?

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TECSYS WMS: Your Most Valuable Distribution Asset

Starting with all the key capabilities typically found in other leading best-of-breed WMS applications, TECSYS takes warehouse management software to another level with many compelling advantages over the competition today. Its industry-first visual user interface, Visual Logistics®, has made TECSYS' WMS one of the top visionary products on the market. It forms the core of a suite of innovative solutions from TECSYS that span the supply chain, and is backed by the unrivalled expertise of TECSYS' warehouse consultants.

Some of the world's most renowned mid-sized and Fortune 1000 corporations, such as Adidas, Canon, Cardinal Health, DB Schenker, Intermountain Healthcare, eOne Entertainment, Milton CAT, Mitsubishi, Parkview Health, Pool Corp and others are reaping the business benefits of TECSYS' WMS and have turned their most valuable distribution asset into their most powerful competitive weapon — their warehouse!

TECSYS Competitive Advantages

Visual Logistics®

Patent-Pending Breakthrough Technology for Optimum Warehouse Management

TECSYS' Visual Logistics is a revolutionary shift in warehouse management thinking. Delivering visual cues and images to warehouse workers directly on their handheld devices, Visual Logistics instantly and unmistakably communicates each activity to be performed, eliminating the wasteful and time-consuming tasks of reading and interpreting textual information and searching aimlessly for products or pick slots.

A reduction of just a few seconds per work transaction can translate into thousands of dollars of labor efficiency savings over time. Visual Logistics enables companies to achieve such significant increases in operational efficiency, order accuracy and quality validation, that, as a result, they can literally cut hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs from their supply chain operations every year.


We recognize that the flexibility of being able to work totally hands-free is a requirement for certain distribution operations, but that language is sometimes an issue. TECSYS' WMS has the "voice choice" to deal with any challenges like these. And, with the use of mobile devices with special speech recognition software, it makes voice and traditional RF operations interchangeable on the same device.

By combining Visual Logistics® with voice technology, operators become even more efficient than with just voice alone. This is an industry-first technological breakthrough that will revolutionize voice in the same way Visual Logistics® has revolutionized traditional RF operations in warehouses across the globe. The combination helps to eliminate common voice-only challenges in situations such as confusing units of measure descriptors or cluster picking into a multi-tote cart.

Real Scalability

TECSYS' WMS is flexible, adaptable and highly scalable to the size, need and complexity of any business. Distribution organizations can deploy it across a variety of operations — from paper-based to the most sophisticated automated material handling equipment — while continuing to meet their growing needs. With its single source code, both large and small sites can be economically implemented using the same application without the need to implement multiple solutions. This results in a single, standardized solution across the organization while allowing individual sites to fine-tune their own processes based on facility and business conditions.


TECSYS' WMS can be accessed from any browser-based device, from anywhere at any time. The system is intelligent, extensible and as easy to use as a browser. It is adaptable to users' environments, and is sensitive to each individual's personal needs. As workers use the system more and more, its intelligent technology quickly tailors itself to each individual preference and method of working, and presents information exactly how they like to see it.

Extended Supply Chain Visibility

With TECSYS, greater levels of business intelligence and visibility are a reality:

  • Executives can determine where the risks are and where the opportunities lie;
  • Customers can access views to track their own orders, as well as check on inventory levels and history;
  • Vendors can see how their inventory is moving within the warehouse;
  • Sales representatives are equipped with real-time information for answering questions on product, stock and backorders;
  • Customer service reps can deal with critical shipments, from tracking to status of orders.

Current Technology

Internet-based with SOA architecture, TECSYS' open systems software applications can either be implemented on your premises, run as hosted applications, or deployed using a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model.

TECSYS' software can easily and securely be interfaced to other complementary software applications as well as materials handling equipment.

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Find out more about TECSYS' WMS. Watch a product demo and download a brochure.
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