WMS Key Capabilities

Multiple Pick Methods

Create your own "best practices" to optimize operations:

  • Use the technology that fits: paper pick lists, label-directed, RF or voice;
  • Select your preferred picking process: order, wave, zone, cluster, batch or your own personal, user-defined method.

Volumetrics and Containerization

  • Maximize storage space utilization and eliminate repacking operations through advanced volumetrics and pre-determination of the right size and quantity of shipping containers.


  • Reduce travel and cycle times with directed slotting.
  • Determine optimum product placement and direct inventory movements based on pick frequencies, volumes, facility layout and other product characteristics.

Labor Management

Improve operator performance through:

  • Creation of labor standards;
  • Pro-active management of staff assignments based on real-time workloads;
  • Analysis of actual versus standard results to target areas for improvement.


  • Satisfy changing customer demands with kit-to-stock, kit-to-order or other complex postponement strategies leveraging highly visual instructions to ensure quality and accuracy.


  • Comply with internal, customer and regulatory requirements through automatic quarantine and inspections.
  • Visually direct inspection processes with high-quality graphics, text and instructional videos.


  • Deliver customer-specific labeling and packaging automatically as part of normal packing and labeling steps.
  • Eliminate the packing station completely by moving the customer-specific and/or carrier-compliant labeling process in line with order picking operations.
  • Remove multiple parcel carrier workstations with automated carrier selection based on rates, service levels and customer routing guides without the need for manual intervention and multiple carrier workstations.

Distributed Order Management

  • Streamline the customer service experience — enter a single customer order and automatically distribute order lines to the shipping source.
  • A single customer order may include shipments from one or more internal DC's, 3PL's, drop shipments from suppliers, special orders and even varying delivery dates and methods.

Expiry Date/Lot Tracking/Serial Number Tracking

  • Satisfy track-and-trace requirements of Lot ID's and serial numbers.
  • Control stock rotation with sophisticated algorithms that balance labor efficiency and storage space utilization with date rotation requirements.

Advanced Inventory Tracking and Visibility

  • Provide real-time information to anyone in the supply chain — anywhere, any time on any device.
  • Automatically control information access on a "need-to-know" basis to ensure confidential information remains confidential across the supply chain.
  • Allow collaboration and self-service across the supply chain for status, tracking and tracing needs.

Delivery Management

  • Extend the warehouse with flexible order delivery, facility to facility, department to department, or directly to customers through powerful event tracking.
  • Trace shipments online in real time (similar to major international parcel services).
  • Provide end-to-end visibility of all shipment phases through a browser-based portal.

Interface to Material Handling Systems

  • Integrate all your material handling systems into one single-face solution.
  • Monitor the entire flow of all materials within the warehouse and achieve accurate, real-time information on inventory levels.
  • Minimize risk, reduce employee handling and improve productivity.
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