Billing Management for 3PLs


Drive revenue growth and profitable for your company. Tecsys' billing management system enables distributors to conduct your business with an eye towards the future.

Monetize and Accurately Bill for Services the Digital Way

For third-party logistics (3PLs) regardless of size and industry, monetizing and billing of services are central to drive revenue growth and profitability. Organizations seeking to launch new business initiatives, add customers quickly or charge for a variety of logistic services through innovative pricing and billing models need access to monetization tools to be successful. Tecsys’ billing management system (BMS) automates billing based on transaction type, cycle and owner. It accurately monetizes, manages current and potential services billing and tracks costs on an activity basis.

Never Miss a Business Opportunity Regardless of Circumstance

Use technology to eliminate manual, time-consuming processes and avoid any missed billing opportunities. Tecsys’ BMS enables you to capture billing requirements across your entire organization for all customers across all facilities with consolidated invoicing. Leverage more than 260 billing rules from our solution, such as:

  • Assign rate or cost to any activity.
  • Compute the charge quantity.
  • Apply necessary minimums.
  • Calculate markups or discounts.
  • Determine accessorial charges.
  • Permit manual entry of charges.

Enable Holistic Visibility for Heightened Customer Service

Holistic visibility and traceability are the hallmark of Tecsys’ BMS. 3PLs can see variables and unforeseen situations in detail, down to the item level. Data auditing can be delegated to the customer if desired and detailed cost justification can be transparent during the auditing process to reduce costs and collection times as well as heighten customer service levels to your clients.

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