Mark Bentler, TECSYS Chief Financial Officer
Mark Bentler
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Mark Bentler brings over 20 years of international experience to TECSYS. He is also an expert in financial management with a focus on technology and software. Mr. Bentler joined TECSYS in 2018 from Aptos Retail, where he served as Chief Financial Officer. In addition to playing a significant role in the formation and growth of the company, he led the successful transition of the business’ retail management enterprise solutions to a cloud-centric platform.

Prior to his work at Aptos Retail, Mr. Bentler served as Vice President, Finance, for Epicor Retail, a division of Epicor Software Corporation that was later spun out to create Aptos. In addition to building and leading teams with both companies, Mr. Bentler also played a key role in managing financing and M&A activity. Earlier in his career he worked with KPMG in the United States and Switzerland as a Senior Manager.