Photo of Peter Brereton, TECSYS President and CEO
Peter Brereton
President and CEO

Mr. Peter Brereton joined TECSYS at its inception and initially led the Company's software development, product management, sales and marketing. In 1995, Mr. Brereton was appointed President.

In 1998, Mr. Brereton was appointed CEO and was largely responsible for the Company's Initial Public Offering. He repositioned TECSYS in the supply chain execution industry, and leveraged the Company's strengths in technology and supply chain expertise to achieve significant growth and become a leader in its markets.

Mr. Brereton eventually moved the Company into health systems and helped land its first major Integrated Delivery Network (IDN). He also led a number of acquisitions, taking a foothold in other vertical markets. In 2007, he led a strategic transformation of TECSYS' businesses, focusing the Company on its two current major industry segments: healthcare and complex high-volume distribution.