Tecsys Eclipse Webinar: How to Achieve Continuous Improvement in Your Warehouse Operations

Join Bill Denbigh, vice president of Product Marketing at Tecsys, as he moderates a lively panel discussion with forward-thinking leaders who are looking to swap tips and share stories to inspire and invigorate your drive of continuous improvement in your warehouse operations. Distributors are tight on budget; their workforces are strained and often they don’t know where to start when building (or rebuilding) their warehouse operations. At the same time, the decisions made early on can make or break how your warehouse performs and your business grows.  

Whether you are just starting to build your warehouse strategies, or want to start over, join this webinar on Tuesday, September 28, at 2 p.m. EST and be ready to leave with the top approaches to help you maximize operational productivity and efficiency. 

Learning Objectives 

  • Identify what you need to prepare your warehouse for building a continuous improvement program.  
  • Distinguish ways to build a philosophy of continuous improvement in your warehouse staff.   
  • Describe how continuous improvement in the warehouse can impact your organization as a whole. 


  • Keith Brereton, Director, Client Solutions,Tecsys 
  • Nick Lovatsis, Managing Partner, Avalon CSC 
  • Jonah Reinhardt, IT Administrator – WMS, Werner Electric 


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