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Get Loud! Stop Keeping Your Click and Collect Program Such a Secret

This is an archived post from OrderDynamics, now Tecsys retail division.
Get Loud! Stop Keeping Your Click and Collect Program Such a Secret About a third of online shoppers have not tried Click and Collect. Why? The reason may be as simple as unawareness. With only 57.1% of omnichannel retailers calling out their click and collect program on the front page of their website, many consumers simply do not know that the option exists! If you have taken the time to build out an omnichannel program, why are you not sharing it with your customers? You must let your consumers know it is available, and what the benefits are. Here’s how and where retailers can get loud about click and collect.

Click and Collect Opportunities

It’s no use offering a click and collect service if consumers are unaware of it. As a program, click and collect spans channels from in-store to mobile to online.  Which means it provides ample opportunity for retailers to promote the service. Make sure you’re promoting it at every available opportunity.

Promote on Your Ecommerce

This means on your homepage, product pages, cart pages, throughout the check-out process both on the mobile site and website. Let customers who are using your online shopping options know at every turn that the click and collect option is available when they are ready to make their purchase. Communicate the ease and convenience you have created.

But In-Store Promotion is Just as Important

Use traditional brick and mortar assets like banners and check-out flyers to communicate with consumers about click and collect. Do you have a dedicated area for click and collect pickup? Ensure that signage in this area communicates the process and answers some common questions. Give your in-store customers a reason to consider using your click and collect program.

Third-Party Sources

Third-party sources are also key to promoting the service. Social media, digital marketing and advertising will all help spread the world. Go where your customers are on the internet. Modern customers are busier than ever, and most are looking for ways to be more efficient with their time. Click and collect offers the efficacy but also provides the human touch that many customers still require.

In-Store Associates

Train in-store associates to answer questions about the service and to spread awareness. Not only should the dedicated click and collect staff be prepared to help existing customers, but so too should all those who are on the floor. With knowledge about how the program works and how best to serve those existing customers, staff will be best prepared to engage new click and collect consumers.

Speaking of Existing Customers

Your Superconsumers are your primary source for celebrating your click and collect program. Ask for their feedback, share that feedback among staff and use it to make the program better and stronger. When your Superconsumers are satisfied with the program, they will organically help to spread the message to their friends and family. Once you have secured these types of influencers and advocates, you will know your program is a success.

What is it About Click and Collect That’s Worth Getting Loud About?

Building an efficient and user-friendly click and collect program can be a tremendous undertaking for a retailer. Ensuring the program runs well means providing a seamless process. From ordering online to the pick-up in-store or at another location.

The Key Features You Want to Get Loud About

Here are four of the top reasons consumers choose to become click and collect shoppers:

Savings on Shipping Costs

Get loud about how your customer can save significantly with click and collect. Some retailers even offer a discount or promotion to entice consumers, making the savings even greater and more attractive.

The In-Store Experience

Connection with a person continues to be one of the main drivers for consumers who shop in-store.

Shorter Wait Times 

Whether that time is spent in a physical line-up or is reflective of the time it can take to have a product shipped to the consumer, saving money on shipping costs is not the only savings worth talking about!

Ease of Returns and Exchanges

Not everything makes sense to buy online. But being able to pick-up a purchase in-store means the ability to immediately check out the purchase. Then determine fit (have a fitting room near to pick-up!) or quality, before the final commitment to the purchase. A well-designed click and collect program is worth getting loud about. However, building the program is not enough. Retailers need to promote the service they offer and the benefits of that service. And they need to do it loudly, clearly and in as many places as possible. Author:  Carla van Deventer is Marketing Coordinator at OrderDynamics. A life-long love of reading, technology and solving puzzles helps her navigate the retail technology marketing world.  
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