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Why Click and Collect Superconsumers Are Like Children on Christmas Morning

This is an archived post from OrderDynamics, now Tecsys retail division.
Why Click and Collect Superconsumers Are Like Children on Christmas Morning There’s no denying electricity is in the air on Christmas morning. The little eyes open, the little feet scurry towards the tree, and then the little, but very loud voices boom back upstairs for everyone to hurry! A similar electrical current can also be felt in the excitement surrounding omnichannel retail. Eyes have opened to the multiple benefits of omnichannel. Feet have scurried to buy online, and pick up in-store. And the voices of the Superconsumers can be heard shouting back to those who have not yet discovered the magic of Click and Collect – hurry, you gotta see this! Beyond the open eyes, scurrying feet and booming voices, what else do the Superconsumers and children of Christmas morning have in common?

Here Are Five Ways Click and Collect Superconsumers Are Like Children on Christmas Morning:

1. Experience

For both, the Superconsumers and children on Christmas morning, it is all about the experience. This is why we often refer to it as the magic of Christmas morning. All of the hope and anticipation is finally answered. Wishes have been granted and are lying wrapped and bow-tied underneath the tree. Click and Collect Superconsumers have a very similar experience when their own anticipation is met upon the pickup. Usually minus the bow but exciting just the same.

2. Timing

Have you ever tried to tell a child on Christmas morning that they have to wait to open their gifts? The need to open their presents when they want is akin to the need of today’s consumers to shop when they want. Not only do consumers want to shop when they want, but they also want to be able to pick up their purchases where and when they want. Click and Collect Superconsumers value the ability to shop online during a suitable time. They even, want to be able to choose the most convenient location and time for the pickup. Just like children on Christmas morning who will tell you when you’re going to make coffee. Definitely, not before the presents' opening.

3. Stocking Stuffers (aka Unplanned Purchases)

They might not have made it onto the official shopping list or wish list, but stocking stuffers and unplanned purchases add to the excitement of Christmas morning and Click and Collect pickup. According to research in The Rise of the Superconsumer, approximately 37% of all online shoppers have made an additional unplanned purchase when they picked up their item in-store on their last visit. Click and Collect Superconsumers, on average, claimed to buy additional items significantly more than any other type of shopper (41% of the time they did a Click and Collect visit). On average, Superconsumers spent $40 more on unplanned purchases. For consumers and children alike, unplanned presents or purchases are often the truest signs that someone was listening beyond the list.

4. Personalization

Christmas elves have long known the importance of the children’s name on a card with the present. In this way, the child knows that the present is for them and them alone. With the help of modern technology solutions, today’s retailers are able to extend that elf-mentality all year long to their omnichannel customers. Personalized product selections or promotions support the demand for customization among today’s consumers.

5. Convenience

Yes, children on Christmas morning want their presents and they want them now. But, for weeks beforehand, the children begin the process of ‘ordering’ their presents. They make their list, so it can be checked twice. They visit Santa at the mall, so they can reinforce their wishes. And, they wait and count down the hours till Christmas morning. You could almost say that the children of Christmas were the original omnichannel customers! For both children and consumers, convenience is defined by the ability to pick specific items and to be able to have their order fulfilled at a specific time and location of their choosing. Of course, children might be the first to say that December 25th doesn’t come fast enough.

Why is Click And Collect, The Christmas of Retail?

Christmas morning is a pretty slick and seamless affair for many. Orders have been purchased, products boxed and placed, ready to be picked up under the tree. It’s best not even to imagine what could happen if any bumps in the sleigh-ride of Christmas morning happen (such as a lack of inventory on the season’s must-have item!). For Click and Collect Superconsumers, the same seamless level of service is expected. Regardless of which channel (from mobile to in-store), omnichannel customers demand the same experience with the brand, the same visibility into inventory and the same pricing and promotions. Let the Click and Collect Superconsumers be the Rudolph and guide your way to omnichannel success: Download The Rise of the Superconsumers.   If you are considering an in-store pickup strategy, consider an OrderDynamics click and collect solution. Helping retailers make omni-channel a reality.   Author:  Charles Dimov is VP of Marketing at OrderDynamics. Charles has 23 years experience in Marketing, Sales and Management across various IT and Technology businesses. Previous roles include Chief of Staff, Director Product Marketing, and Director Sales. Charles has held roles in brand name firms like IBM, Ericsson, HP, ADP, and OrderDynamics.
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