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Instant Messaging, Key to a Connected Consumer Relationship

This is an archived post from OrderDynamics, now Tecsys retail division.
Instant Messaging, Key to a Connected Consumer Relationship  

In an era of instant gratification. Where consumers want the right information at the right moment, retailers must be aware that instant messaging is becoming key to their retailing business. Connecting with consumers is crucial here. Certainly, it is the right step for developing a long-lasting relationship with shoppers.

Instant Messaging, Key to a Holistic Shopping Journey

Instant messaging can be achieved through different online channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat…). They offer real-time communication between businesses and the consumer. In addition, today, retailers providing a holistic shopping journey, are opening more channels for instant communication… and gratification. In other words, they are eliminating any type of limitations that might drive their consumers to the competition.

Instant Messaging Going Global

As mobile grows and transforms the purchasing path, we must realize messaging channels have become an opportunity for retailers, with consumers messaging more and more year over year. As an example, 1.5 billion users were accessing the Whatsapp messenger on a monthly basis. 1.4 billion users did it on Facebook messenger, and 1.0 billion monthly users were active on WeChat, as of January 2019. (Statista) In addition, according to the 'Facebook Messaging survey' by Nielsen, 64% of people would choose to message over picking up the phone or sending an e-mail. And, 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Even more, according to Facebook, as of 2021, the global user base for mobile messaging apps will have risen by a further 23%.

Instant Messaging is All About Connecting

So, the question here is why are shoppers choosing these type of channels to interact with us? The answer is that messaging apps are providing consumers with more convenient, immediate, and personalized communication when approaching businesses. Additionally, instant messaging gives shoppers the opportunity to connect with our brand, when making an inquiry or transaction. It gives us the chance to enlighten them with our unique shopping experience.

Instant messaging is then...

More accessible: With 67% of people across 7 markets saying their messaging has increased over the past two years, we recognized that more people are using this channel. Instant messaging is easy to access anywhere and anytime. Beyond the store hours, or the customer support line. Time-saving: Over 59% of people that message businesses across 4 markets say that compared to more traditional channels, messaging businesses offer them faster responses. So, instant responses save crucial time for our consumers. They generate instant gratification and reducing the length of our customers’ shopping journey. Personal relationship: The same survey study shows us that, over 49% of people indicate messaging businesses offer them more truthful responses. The two-way dialogue enables businesses to develop confidence about the brand, making consumers feel more personally connected to it. Fostering brand equity and leading consumers to become loyal shoppers. So, as a retailer, you should consider leveraging the power of instant messaging as part of your omni-channel strategy! You must pay attention to those communication frictions that make your shoppers abandon their journey. Test your channels, act, and connect with your shoppers! Author:  Rocio Lopez Sanchez is Marketing Coordinator at OrderDynamics. Rocio has been in the Marketing and Sales world for more than three years, helping small and medium-sized companies in their global internationalization. Her desire for acquiring new knowledge had led her to live and study in Peru, United States, Portugal, and Canada.
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