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Pickup Innovations:  Purolator Mobile Quick Stop

This is an archived post from OrderDynamics, now Tecsys retail division.
Pickup Innovations:  Purolator Mobile Quick Stop We’ve all experienced it. You get home, and on your door, there is a post-it note letting you know that you missed a delivery. Or, maybe you live in an apartment or condominium. In that case, there might be a post-it note in the lobby. It’s been waiting for you for a few days, now. Originally, you bought your goods online because it was going to save you time. No need to travel to the store. No need to go to the shopping mall. No dealing with long retail lineups to buy your goods. All out the window now that you have to go to the post or courier office to collect your merchandise. It’s an extra drive and means you will be standing in line, after all. Fortunately, on November 12th, Purolator announced a new option for consumers and retailers. It is called the Mobile Quick Stop, and it brings fresh new options to the retail market.

What is the Purolator Mobile Quick Stop?

The Purolator Mobile Quick Stop is a fresh new idea in making the last mile delivery work for consumers. Instead of giving a shopper the package notice, it brings the package to the shopper. Rather, it brings the package to locations near consumers. Shoppers can opt to have their merchandise delivered to the ‘Mobile Quick Stop’ address. Purolator then brings the package to that particular Mobile Quick Stop location, for the customer to pickup. A Purolator Mobile Quick Stop truck stops at certain high population locations at designated times. For the test run in Toronto, both the Scarborough Go station and Liberty Village were trialed. Go (train) stations being high-density travel spots that thousands of commuters use daily. It is extremely convenient for so many consumers who can pickup their parcel on the way home from work. In the case of Liberty Village, apartment and condominium residents would simply come down, take a short walk, and pickup their parcel. No long drive or taxi needed for these parcel collections.  

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The Shopper Value Proposition

“The final mile delivery model is developing quickly,” points out Ramsey Mansour, VP Corporate Strategy & Marketing at Purolator. He continues, “speed and convenience is an important piece of the overall puzzle, both for retailers and consumers. But, convenience for the receiver was really the key driver for starting our Mobile Quick Stop.” To this effect, Purolator’s new offering is working. Laurie Weston, Director of Retail at Purolator, highlights that “the NPS (Net Promoter Score) for the trials resulted in a customer satisfaction score of 93.7%. On wait time, customer satisfaction was 99%. There was no wait time!” In fact, here are a few comments directly from Mobile Quick Stop customers:

This is a wonderful idea, keep it going; definitely very convenient and close.

Wow, great service awesome people.”

Easy to use.

So close to home!

What About Big Items?

Shoppers who walked to pickup their parcel might discover the item is too large, or heavy to carry home. Fortunately, Purolator helped here too with their partnership with Lyft. In Toronto, Mobile Quick Stop customers could get a $5 discount on a Lyft trip to pickup up any package, or back to their home (up to four rides). Even if the order was too heavy to carry, the customer had a good option to make the job easier.

WIIFR: What’s In It For the Retailer? 

Globally only 9% of retailers currently offer 2+ options for a pickup – to omni-channel shoppers. This based on the Omni-2000 Global Research of 2000+ retailers. Sadly, for the US and Canada specifically, this number approaches zero (not quite but close). Using Purolator’s Mobile Quick Stop means a retailer can now offer an additional omni-channel option. It means an online shopper can have a package delivered. They can complete an in-store pickup. Or if neither of these is convenient, they can opt for a Mobile Quick Stop. With little effort, a retailer can add to their value proposition, giving the customer one more option. At the moment, this in itself can add to a retailer's differentiation, as being one of the few to offer customer flexibility. When a retailer offers an extra service with such a high NPS score, it boosts the customer satisfaction with their own brand. Not only does the customer have more choice of fulfillment, they also get an excellent service offering, they will rave about. What’s not to love about this solution?  

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More Information

Ten trucks have been rolled out the Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa areas. This holiday season, the Purolator Mobile Quick Stop is ready to meet online and omni-channel holiday shopping demand. But, the best part is it really helps customers avoid lineups, giving them more options. Being first among retailers to offer this option is a great way to emphasize how your brand is helping customers. Add the Purolator Mobile Quick Stop to your omni-channel offering. Customers can already use it free and find the Mobile Quick Stop closest to them by using the locator tool on Purolator.com. Remember that the early retailers will reap the greatest reward, and brand benefit. If you are a retailer and want more information contact Laurie Weston, Director of Retail at Purolator. Author:   Charles Dimov is VP of Marketing at OrderDynamics. Charles has 23 years experience in Marketing, Sales and Management across various IT and Technology businesses. Previous roles include Chief of Staff, Director Product Marketing, and Director Sales. Charles has held roles in brand name firms like IBM, Ericsson, HP, ADP, and OrderDynamics.
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