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[Podcast] A Closer Look at the Buy Online Pickup In-Store Experience – EP003

This is an archived post from OrderDynamics, now Tecsys retail division.
[Podcast] A Closer Look at the Buy Online Pickup In-Store Experience In February 2019 Bell and Howell and OrderDynamics released the BOPIS: State of the Industry research. This research, which was done in conjunction with IHL, examined 300 secret shopping experiences at 10 top US retailers. It examined the full Buy Online Pickup In-Store experience from the customer's view. Charles Dimov, VP of Marketing at OrderDynamics took some time to chat with me about the research and some of the findings this week. Make sure to listen to the full podcast above, but here are a couple of points that stood out.

Time Really is Money

What seemed to make a big difference in the Buy Online Pickup In-Store experience is time. This was both the time that it took for people to get their pickup notifications after putting in their order and the time it took them in-store to do the actual pickup. In fact, shoppers that were notified with 4 hours were 19% more likely to use the service again and 15% more likely to recommend it to others. The research also showed a direct correlation between the speed of the in-store pickup and the overall satisfaction with the pickup process.

Location, Location, Location

Another important point about the Buy Online Pickup In-Store experience that came to the forefront (yes, pun intended) was where the pickup desk was located. It seems to make sense to put a pickup desk at the back of the retail store. After all, then it gives customers more opportunity to find extra goods that they may impulsively buy. But, it doesn't actually work that way. Putting the pickup desk at the back of the store caused a decrease in repeat BOPIS users. According to IHL, customers over 55 will generally not use BOPIS if the store pickup is at the back. And it seems like retailers have heard this message loud and clear. Over 80% of the time the pickup location was at the front of the store for the brands in the research.

Buy Online Pickup In-Store Experience = Convenience

BOPIS is all about convenience. Getting the product you want, where you want it and when you want it. To bring this home, even more, were a few more factors detailed in the research. One was that customers prefer to buy through a browser rather than an app. The reason for this seemed to be that their credit card details were already on file. This made the online portion of the Buy Online Pickup In-Store experience seamless. As mentioned above, the time the process took had a direct correlation with how happy customers were with the experience, as well as how likely they are to do it again and recommend it. Related to this, automation had a very big impact on the total time it took for customers to collect their order. Having an Automated Pickup option, like an automated locker, showed on average a 28% improvement in speed. With that amount of improvement in your speed - just think what it will do to your BOPIS experience satisfaction scores.

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