Accueil Are Retail Executives Ignoring the Facts about BOPIS?

Are Retail Executives Ignoring the Facts about BOPIS?

This is an archived post from OrderDynamics, now Tecsys retail division.
Are Retail Executives Ignoring The Facts About BOPIS? OrderDynamics just published the Omni-1000 research finding that only 37% of retailers offer BOPIS (buy online pickup in-store) services, also known as click & collect. Details are available for retail executives in the free report called the OrderDynamics Omni-1000 Global. This is in stark contrast to another report that announced 62% of retailers in North America are doing BOPUS (buy online pick up at store). However, comparing apples to apples, a look at the North American ONLY portion of the Omni-1000 report data showed that today only 27.0% of North American retailers are actually offering BOPIS to shoppers.

Which Stats are True?

First, let’s address this wide 35% gap. We believe it results from the methods used in each study. Instead of surveying retail executives, the approach taken by the Omni-1000 research was from a shoppers’ perspective. It directly reviewed over one thousand retail websites. Not an easy feat. In fact, quite tedious and time consuming, but we felt it provided solid enough results to warrant the extra effort. Ok, so there are methodological differences, but which is important to you? Reviewing other research to test whether the Omni-1000 results hit the mark despite the highly reliable sample size and approach we looked to other highly reputable research reports. Here we find: L2 Research: Finds 34%  BOPIS among specialty retailers (2017) Forrester Research: Estimating 33% BOPIS deployment (2016) IDC estimates that by 2018, 30% of major retailers will adopt an omni-channel platforms (2017)

Run Your Own Test

Interesting, sure ... but which aspect should you trust. As a retailer should you believe that in North America (for example), most retailers already have BOPIS in play? Is it too late to get in the game? Have all the profits, like the low hanging fruit, already been picked? All these answers depend on your perspective and which angle you choose to believe... or run your own test, to decide. Take 10 retailers which are a combination of large brands, and small chains. Now go to each ecommerce site, as if you were a shopper. Now look around that first page for some indication that they offer in-store pickup, click and collect, grab & go, or any other similar description for their version of BOPIS. Do this for the 10 retailers on your list. If you found that most offer BOPIS, then you have made your choice. Stop reading, and go on your merry way. If you found that fewer than 6 offer BOPIS, then download the Omni-1000 retail benchmarks to find out how you should position to compete effectively with your offering. OrderDynamics holds to our finding across 500+ North American retail sites, that 27.0% of retailers currently offer BOPIS, while on a global basis this figure is 37.0%.  


Facing Facts

What the significant contrast between these two report points out is a perceptual challenge. ‘Omni-channel’ is the most discussed buzz word in the retail industry - it has been for years. Arguably, BOPIS is the core element confirming whether a retail operation is ACTUALLY running omni-channel practices. Therefore, when retail executives answer a question about whether their business is running BOPIS or not – there is both a niggling pressure to lean toward the side of optimism, and there might be a sense of pride with which to contend. It is ultimately an opinion. Alternatively, and much more seriously, there may be a legitimate perceptual error. Executives may legitimately ‘think’ they running an omni-channel retail business, whether it is true or not. This last option is scariest. It means some retail executives may actually believe their operation offers in-store pickup, when it does not. Scarier yet are that executives may take positions and decisions based on misguided perceptions of their organization’s actual offerings.

Do we offer BOPIS or Not?

So, are retail executive hiding from the truth that today, only 27% of retailers in North America offer click and collect? Despite the perceptual gap that clearly exists, it is not intentional. It could be an honest misunderstanding of what omni-channel means, or the result of being told that your retail operations are running some BOPIS related functions. Furthermore, this perceptual gap might help explain why so few retailers in North America actually offer the services at the ground floor. Could it be that some executives have not acted, because they think they have already arrived?

To Retail Executives

Take the same approach taken by the Omni-1000 research, articulated above. Follow a shopper's journey through 10 sites, or perhaps your own ecommerce site. If you process an order on your own site, can you arrange for an in-store pickup within 2 hours? Is your retail chain among the 27.0% of North American, or 37.0% of global retailers who ACTUALLY offer BOPIS to your customers? If so, CONGRATULATIONS. You are among the few who are doing this effectively. With an effective order management system you should be reaping the rewards of being among the first in market with true omni-channel services. If not: call us, a trusted systems integrator, or a reputable consultant to get your strategy started.

Ask Us Your Score!

Alternatively, if you are a retail chain executive, reach out to me ( and we will be happy to look up whether your chain was among the 1000+ retailers in the research. We are pleased to provide your individual score, and offer a few recommendations where appropriate.

Country Reports

Fortunately, there are country level reports with country level details, charts, and benchmark breakdowns that you may find useful. If the report does not answer your specific question, please reach out. We will be delighted to discuss the results. Download individual country Benchmark Reports:  USA Omni-1000  Canada Omni-1000  UK Omni-1000  Nordics Omni-1000  Australia Omni-1000     Author: Charles Dimov is Director of Marketing at OrderDynamics. Charles has 21+ years experience in Marketing, Sales and Management across various IT and Technology businesses. Previous roles include Chief of Staff, Director Product Marketing, and Director Sales. Charles has held roles in brand name firms like IBM, Ericsson, HP, ADP, and OrderDynamics.
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