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How Well Do We Know Our Superconsumers?

This is an archived post from OrderDynamics, now Tecsys retail division.
How Well Do We Know Our Superconsumers? Natasha is obsessed with pink lipstick. She has an Instagram account devoted to showcasing all the latest shades. She is always encouraging new or tried-and-true brands. But followers of Natasha know there is one shade, by one brand, that rules all others for Natasha. She loves that particular shade so much that, along with a few other devotees, Natasha has started a super fan page for the lipstick. This group gets invites to exclusive VIP in-store events. They receive special promotions via email. As well as often provide input via digital surveys.

The Superconsumers Are Not Average Consumers

Together, Natasha and her peers are “Superconsumers”. These Superconsumers love a specific product. They also want to share that love with the world. If you haven’t heard of Natasha and her super fans, that’s ok. The people who really need to know this group are the folks who make the lipstick of their affection.  

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More Than Lip Service: Why Our Superconsumers Deserve a Lot of Attention

Natasha and her fellow super fans are incredibly valuable to the lipstick brand. Not only does the group provide vital brand advocacy in public but they also make their insights available to the corporate marketing team. Superconsumers are not defined by the amount they buy. Rather, it is about their attitude toward the product. Nielsen researchers say Superconsumers are important because they are the primary set of consumers who drive profits for the brand. This is because they engage emotionally. They participate more in offers, and are open to innovations. Additionally, they are influential as trendsetters.

How Can a Brand Leverage the Power of the Superconsumer?

The power of the Superconsumer lies in their superior knowledge. As well as in their devotion and the genuine connection they feel to the product or service. For this group of consumers, a specific pink lipstick is not only a beauty supply. The lipstick may symbolize an expression of power and femininity. The Superconsumer connects emotionally with the brand. Once a brand is able to discover what connection their own Superconsumers have to their product or service, they will be able to capitalize on it.  

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Which Brands Obsess Over Superconsumers? 

According to Eddie Yoon, via the Financial Review, “Superconsumers exist in every imaginable consumer category, from the glamorous to the staggeringly mundane. There are people who wax lyrical about the serial numbers inside toilet rolls. Or who worship at the altar of Kraft’s Velveeta processed cheese, which they call ‘liquid gold’.” The Harvard Business Review used the Superconsumer methodology to identify four customer segments. It approaches and engages with them, in completely unique and meaningful ways. Those segments include the ambitious learners who are relatively new in their roles and seeking guidance and practical content. As well as big-picture leaders who are trying to take their businesses to the next level. Crown Media Family Networks, which runs Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel, adapted the Superconsumer methodology in an effort to reach the viewers that are truly engaged. The Superconsumers of cable TV.  

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The Rise of the Click and Collect Superconsumer

Retail is abundant with Superconsumers. It is true for specific products from lipstick to cheese. Then is it not surprising that even an emerging channel in retail has grown a loyal legion of super fans. Buying online and picking up in-store provides tremendous benefits for both consumers and retailers. The latest research on Click & Collect provides valuable information for retailers. It is useful for those looking to improve their existing omnichannel program. Similarly, for those who are ready to embark on the new channel. With the data provided, retailers will gain the critical information about these superconsumers.  They will also learn who are not only actively participating in the channel, but who are enthusiastic about doing so. Discover more information about the Click & Collect Superconsumer. Download our latest Research Report about Click and Collect Superconsumers. Find out who is the Superconsumer. Find out what she’s looking for in her next omnichannel retail experience.
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