Distribution Management for Healthcare


Gain visibility into every facet of your operations. Tecsys' distribution management system is a scalable transactional engine to support your entire health system, anywhere, any time, so you don’t miss a thing.

Protect the Health of Your Supply Chain

In a global supply chain full of disruptions, your organization needs an intelligent and agile solution to keep your team ahead of the game – instead of relying on third-party service providers or distributors for all your supply needs. Tecsys can help eliminate your distribution pain points within your supply chain. Our distribution management software (DMS) covers the entire distribution spectrum, including integrated financials and enterprise-wide health system reporting to empower you with visibility and control of your warehouse.

Manage Inventory and Costs Effectively

A distribution management solution is a proven pathway for sustainable cost control within your health system. Tecsys’ DMS supports low unit of measure (LUM) distribution and bulk product distribution to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Most importantly, our powerful inventory dashboard gives you end-to-end visibility of all physical inventory assets across your entire health system network, even products that are not in stock. You can easily adjust product stocking strategies to minimize funds invested in inventory while meeting desired service levels. And it comes complete with analytics that provide inventory statistics you can trust.

Adapt and Automate Interaction with Your Supplier Partners

There is a vast difference in the replenishment cycle of products — and often in the replenishment capabilities of your vendors too. To deal with the inequalities as well as enable a collaborative and connected relationship with your suppliers, Tecsys’ DMS gives your team the flexibility to automate many normally tedious manual processes with an adaptable feature set and strong analytics, such as:

  • Collaboration using multiple data formats (e.g. EDI, Excel, ANSI) and communication.
  • Strategies (e.g. FTP, queued scheduling, web services).
  • Automated compliance of vendor minimum/multiples or vendor-free freights.
  • Informative product and vendor dashboards.
  • Flexible, easy-to-use reporting tools and notifications.
  • Customizable replenishment order approval processes.

Procure with Confidence

To gain and sustain a competitive advantage, your team needs to spend less time tracking, expediting and matching receipts and purchase orders and more time evaluating new supply sources (or reevaluating existing ones). Tecsys DMS’ reduces price discrepancies by supporting GS1 standards, New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards for supplies and medications as well as the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA). Plus, our solution offers tools to import and validate price increases received from your suppliers. Automating this workflow not only reduces human error which results in fewer price discrepancies (and less chaos), it also decreases the amount of time you must spend maintaining vendor contracts and pricing updates.

Deliver Dependability

Whether shipping directly or initially shipping to your warehouse location for immediate delivery, Tecsys DMS allows you to track all your supplier deliveries from start to finish – and get them there on schedule.

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