Warehouse Management for Healthcare


World-class healthcare supply chains run on Tecsys. Discover why all three Gartner® Healthcare Supply Chain Masters are our customers.

Achieve Enterprise-wide Inventory Visibility

The Tecsys warehouse management system (WMS) empowers you with data, analytics and technology to take control of your supply chain. Our WMS software is the catalyst for inventory management and visibility across your entire health system – leading to product and process standardization, price point improvements and bulk buy savings, efficient demand planning, tracking of serial numbers and expiry dates and just-in-time delivery of supplies for uninterrupted patient care.

Equip Efficient and Effective Execution

Built on our industry-leading, patented supply chain technology platform, Tecsys’ WMS has been designed to carry out all aspects of your health system’s inbound and outbound operations as well as inventory management in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our technology offers highly intuitive direction for task completion as well as the ability to make system updates when organizational or industry requirements change.

  • Visual Logistics to accelerate warehouse tasks.
  • Visual-on-Voice technology.
  • Integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and electronic health record (EHR) solutions.
  • Intuitiveness and ease-of-use.
  • Flexible workflows, modifiable by non-technical users to fit the way they work.
  • Secure access from anywhere at any time.
  • Extended supply chain visibility beyond the warehouse.

Manage Inventory from Source to Patient

Avoid growing out of a limited WMS and having to replace it. Tecsys’ WMS is part of an end-to-end healthcare supply chain platform that can support any expanded capabilities upfront such as lab specimen delivery, pharmacy distribution, case carts preparation, custom packs assembly, point of use inventory, etc.

Enable Surgical Custom Packs Assembly and Case Cart Preparation

With a WMS, your health system has the opportunity to centralize the production of custom surgical packs to save money and improve efficiency in the operating room and at the same time offer the hospitals greater flexibility regarding changing kit contents. Maintaining and managing custom packs in your warehouse can help your hospital reduce surgical waste and allow for a more streamlined review of custom pack content – an on-going practice given changing physician preferences and shorter product lifecycles.

The adoption of modern material requirements planning by centralizing the assembly of surgical case carts can reduce overall inventories and eliminate your hospital’s space constraints for surgical inventory storage by leveraging your warehouse space. The overall preparation and picking process can be greatly improved and optimized to cut the time it takes to build case carts and prevent picking mistakes.

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