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Invitation à la conférence téléphonique de Tecsys, le 1 mars 2019, annonçant les résultats financiers du troisième trimestre de l’année fiscale 2019. Lire plus.


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Quarterly Results

Deuxième trimestre (pdf, 1.94 MB)

Investing in Tecsys

About Tecsys

Tecsys is a global provider of transformative supply chain solutions that equip growing organizations with industry-leading services and tools to achieve operational greatness. Tecsys’ solutions are designed to create clarity out of the complex supply chain challenges that organizations with increases in scale, customer expectations and inventory. Built on an enterprise platform, Tecsys solutions include warehouse management, distribution and transportation management, supply management at point-of-use, retail order management, as well as complete financial management and analytics solutions. Through the co-creation of a more responsive supply chain, Tecsys ensures that growth-minded organizations have the chance to thrive and reach their aspirations.

Over 600 mid-size and Fortune 1000 customers trust their supply chains to Tecsys in the healthcare, service parts, third-party logistics, and general wholesale high-volume distribution industries. Tecsys’ shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TCS.


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Stock Information

Principle Market

The Company’s common shares were first listed on July 27, 1998 on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). The stock symbol of the Company’s common shares is TCS.

Dividend Policy

The declaration and payment of dividends is at the discretion of the Board of Directors, which will consider earnings, capital requirements, financial conditions and other such factors as the Board of Directors, in its sole discretion, deems relevant.

Dividend History*

Pursuant to the Canadian Income Tax Act, dividends paid by the Company to Canadian residents are considered to be “eligible” dividends.

*Effective in fiscal 2015, the Company changed its dividend policy from semi-annually to quarterly.


Dividend PeriodAmountRecorded DateDate Paid
Q3-2019$ 0.05521-Dec-1811-Jan-19
Q2-2019$ 0.05021-Sep-185-Oct-18
Q1-2019$ 0.05020-Jul-183-Aug-18
Q4-2018$ 0.05022-Mar-1812-Apr-18
Q3-2018$ 0.05021-Dec-1711-Jan-18
Q2-2018$ 0.04522-Sep-176-Oct-17
Q1-2018$ 0.04521-Jul-174-Aug-17
Q4-2017$ 0.04521-Mar-1711-Apr-17
Q3-2017$ 0.04522-Dec-1612-Jan-17
Q2-2017$ 0.03023-Sep-167-Oct-16
Q1-2017$ 0.03021-Jul-164-Aug-16
Q4-2016$ 0.02522-Mar-1612-Apr-16
Q3-2016$ 0.02522-Dec-1512-Jan-16
Q2-2016$ 0.02525-Sep-159-Oct-15
Q1-2016$ 0.02522-Jul-156-Aug-15
Q4-2015$ 0.022519-Mar-159-Apr-15
Q3-2015$ 0.022516–Dec-146–Jan-15
Q2-2015$ 0.022526-Sep-1410-Oct-14
Q1-2015$ 0.022522-Jul-146-Aug-14


Dividend PeriodAmountRecorded DateDate Paid
Q3-2014$ 0.04014-Mar-1428-Mar-14
Q1-2014$ 0.03520-Sep-134-Oct-13
Q3-2013$ 0.03515-Mar-1329-Mar-13
Q1-2013$ 0.03521-Sep-125-Oct-12
Q3-2012$ 0.03016-Mar-1230-Mar-12
Q1-2012$ 0.03022-Sep-116-Oct-11
Q3-2011$ 0.03017-Mar-1131-Mar-11
Q1-2011$ 0.02522-Sep-106-Oct-10
Q3-2010$ 0.02512-Mar-1031-Mar-10
Q1-2010$ 0.02523-Sep-097-Oct-09
Q3-2009$ 0.02012-Mar-0931-Mar-09
Q1-2009$ 0.02023-Sep-087-Oct-08
Q3-2008$ 0.02010-Mar-0831-Mar-08

Corporate Governance

View our corporate governance policy.



What does Tecsys do?

Tecsys is a market-leading provider of warehousing and distribution solutions. The Company develops and markets its enterprise warehouse management software, distribution management software and transportation management software, along with related professional and support services. Tecsys also markets third-party products including those developed by partners such as Oracle Corporation, IBM Corporation, Psion Inc., Cognos Incorporated, and Intermec Systems Corporation.

What is Tecsys’ edge?

Tecsys’ competitive advantage lies in the expertise of its professionals, its state-of-the-art, proven technology, its customer focus, and its agility.

People & Expertise

  • More than 75% of Tecsys staff have 10–25 years of experience in
    warehousing and distribution.
  • Tecsys staff have deep and unique expertise in the vertical
    markets the Company serves.
  • Tecsys staff are customer- and people-oriented — very high on
    customers’ decision-making priorities.

Proven Technology

  • Tecsys’ technology is integrated — a strong competitive
    advantage, providing high ROI to customers.
  • Tecsys applications respond effectively to customer business
    requirements — moving goods efficiently, tracking products and
    orders, and providing unprecedented visibility into customers’
    supply chains.
  • Tecsys products are very user-friendly.

Customer Focus

  • Tecsys solutions are specific to client needs in specific market
  • Tecsys focuses on a repeat business model, from product,
    expertise and execution points of view, that enables cost reduction,
    improved ROI, increased depth of expertise, and enhanced
    competitive advantage.


Tecsys’ infrastructure is nimble and flexible, enabling the Company to:

  • Move quickly and efficiently;
  • Be more responsive than the competition.

What are the Company’s sources of revenue?

Tecsys generates revenue both from products and services. On the product side, it licenses proprietary software and resells third-party software and hardware. For information on the breakdown of sales, please see Tecsys’ annual and quarterly reports.

On the services side, the Company’s sources of revenue are professional fees associated with implementation assistance, consulting, training, product adaptations, and recurring revenue from hosting services, maintenance contracts and customer support.

Who owns Tecsys?

Tecsys is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Major shareholders include the Brereton family and institutional investors.

Has Tecsys ever had a share repurchase plan?

The Company has periodically issued bids for the repurchase of common shares for cancellation under the Normal Course Issuer Bid (NCIB). Since its initial public offering, the Company has repurchased a significant number of outstanding common shares. For further details see the Stock Buy-Back section of this Web site.

Investor Library

In addition to its Annual Report, Tecsys files an Annual Information Form (AIF), as well as a Management Proxy Circular with the Canadian Securities Commission. These are available on this Web site and on SEDAR. For further information, or to obtain printed copies of any of the above-mentioned documents, please contact Tecsys Investor Relations directly.

Forward Looking Statements

The statements in this web site relating to matters that are not historical fact are forward looking statements that are based on management’s beliefs and assumptions. Such statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to a number of uncertainties, including but not limited to future economic conditions, the markets that Tecsys Inc. serves, the actions of competitors, major new technological trends, and other factors beyond the control of Tecsys Inc., which could cause actual results to differ materially from such statements. More information about the risks and uncertainties associated with Tecsys Inc.’s business can be found in the MD&A section of the Company’s annual report and annual information form for the fiscal year ended April 30th, 2018. These documents have been filed with the Canadian securities commissions and are available on this Web site and on SEDAR.

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