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planIT logo: TECSYS Healthcare Demand Planning and Forecasting

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Planners at world-class supply chain organizations have demonstrated time and again that establishing a demand planning and forecasting practice delivers value. This value is achieved by optimizing every dollar invested in inventory and in doing so preventing over/under ordering which leads to excess inventory and stockouts.

planIT and our expertise comprises all that is required for your supply chain organization to enter the world of demand planning and forecasting. Furthermore, powerful analytics and collaboration tools help mature that practice over time and allow you to attain even higher levels of forecast accuracy.

Planning and forecasting for future requirements not only empowers procurement professionals, it is the foundation to establishing a solid partnership with your strategic suppliers. A collaborative demand planning practice leads to an holistic supply chain approach towards meeting service level targets. Not only will your service levels improve but so will the service level of your suppliers.

planIT leverages the strengths of TECSYS' ITopia technology platform - a modern, secure and scalable platform designed to allow organizations to continuously adapt to changing market conditions.

Why do I need Forecasting and Demand Planning?


Marie Fournier, Director, DMS & RMS

getIT logo: TECSYS Healthcare Procurement Management

At TECSYS, we recognize that procurement activities provide unique opportunities to positively impact the overall performance of healthcare organizations. Empower your procurement professionals with an adaptive, modern solution designed to drive the highest levels of efficiency within the procurement cycle for both direct and indirect procurement activities.

Get it just in time whether assembling procedural packs, buying medical, surgical and pharmacy products or moving items from a distribution center or central supply. Realize important savings by minimizing the number of purchase orders thru consolidation or by redistributing inventory.

Having full visibility of your entire network supports informed decisions at critical points during the replenishment process thereby reducing the risk of under/over buying.

Your suppliers will benefit from increased efficiency in your procurement organization. This reduced cost-to-serve will translate into higher discounts. Furthermore, you can help your suppliers serve you better but sharing time-phased replenishment plans and monitoring their performance using sophisticated dashboards that include all the important metrics. As suppliers performance improve, you can reduce safety stock thresholds thereby realizing even more savings.

How smarter buying leads to significant savings


Marie Fournier, Director, DMS & RMS

houseIT logo: TECSYS Healthcare Warehouse Management

As the pioneers of self-distribution in healthcare, we've developed robust warehouse management software along with top-notch expertise to help healthcare organizations go through the journey of becoming top performers in the healthcare industry.

As an operating model, consolidated service centers and self-distribution have demonstrated substantial value to health systems and that model continues to increase in adoption rate every year.

World-class warehousing operations are essential to this model, but the real critical issue is having the scalability and adaptability required to make the adoption journey a success.

A simple warehouse management system may apply in the beginning, but if it can’t scale along the journey, it puts the entire operating model at risk of failure.

houseIT is a highly scalable solution for any warehousing operation, whether it’s simple central stores, off-site warehouses or a complex consolidated service center.

Along with world-class warehousing capabilities, houseIT gives you greater visibility and control of your daily operations, which translates into more accurate fulfillment across your frontline of service while bringing down your operating costs.

Self-distribution means taking ownership of your supply chain


Robert Colosino, Former VP Bus. Development & Marketing

Health System Supply Chain Insights 2016

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What Healthcare Providers Need to Know About Self-Distribution

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moveIT logo: TECSYS Healthcare Transportation Management

moveIT for the Supply Chain VP


Bill Denbigh, Director, Logistics

moveIT for the Operations Manager


Bill Denbigh, Director, Logistics

A world-class healthcare supply chain requires world-class logistics. Whether it's med-surg replenishments to the hospital or a critical patient specimen that needs to be delivered to the lab within 1 hour, it's all logistics and it all costs something — about 25% of the total cost of supply chain operations, in fact. But, in most healthcare organizations those costs are never properly accounted for or managed.

With rapidly increasing points of care, along with tightening government regulations, how long can your organization run without a well-designed and well-managed centralized logistics plan that makes sure deliveries happen when they should, as they should, and in the most efficient, cost-effective way?

moveIT brings together the best practices of world-class couriers to manage local supply chains specifically for health systems and hospitals. It helps them drive down logistics costs with a single, centralized, easy-to-use transportation management system.

moveIT suits healthcare courier operations of any volume or complexity and requires almost no driver training. Its capabilities can be adopted progressively which allows health systems to build towards a world-class healthcare courier operation at their own pace.

useIT logo: TECSYS Healthcare Point-of-Use Management

As part of our Supply Chain Management Software, we’ve developed useIT, the only healthcare point of use management solution that reconciles every type of material and every supply environment that exists in a hospital.

Designed to accommodate different material flows adapted to the various service areas in a hospital setting - based on item value, traceability needs, and status in a case-managed environment - useIT consolidates all point of use activities from the time supplies are received and stored until the time they are used.

useIT's best-in-class inventory management and traceability capabilities ensure workflow disruption is kept to a minimum, so that data capture compliance is maximized, and data integrity can be sustained.

This differentiated approach facilitates customization of the supply chain while significantly improving productivity and lowering process costs per item number, without appropriating clinical time better spent on patient care.

Scalable across the front line of service, useIT takes advantage of proven automation technologies and best-practices appropriate to the specific requirements of your department types. It is also flexible enough to integrate with any existing systems you already have installed.

Ultimately, useIT gives you global visibility based on consolidated data and enables you to act intelligently to manage your entire supply chain. In turn, this translates into significant savings, but as importantly, it gives your caregivers more time to devote to patient care.

Point-of-Use Management

Learn how Point-of-Use Inventory Management is used in Nursing Units, CathLab, Operating Rooms, Non-Acute Care, Material Management, and Pharmacies.

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analyzeIT logo: TECSYS Healthcare Advanced Business Intelligence & Analytics

With analyzeIT, we offer the required tools and expertise to set up a performance management practice, leveraging advanced business intelligence and analytics. Because data isn’t worth much if it can’t be translated into value in terms of aligning supply chain strategies with measurable outcomes through insightful visibility and performance benchmarks across the entire supply chain. analyzeIT offers a balanced approach across various critical perspectives to understand the complex dynamics associated with a successful performance management practice.

The primary element of optimal healthcare delivery is to have the right products on hand to fulfill the demands of patients and clinicians. Proper planning then sets the stage for optimal procurement. This transcends into perfect order delivery that your vendors must provide in order to have the right products on hand. Analytics allow you to monitor vendor performance and identify anomalies that can be quickly relayed back to your vendors.

The next fundamental piece is material management. This includes effective inbound and outbound practices to properly receive and store products in order to be able to readily access the products for order fulfillment. Analyzing warehousing operations and route performance is fundamental to supply chain distribution performance.

The final stage is represented by the need to monitor products that are consumed by clinicians and patients. Analytics provides the insights to not only maintain high asset efficiency, but to identify waste and process inefficiencies that can affect your ability to control costs.

It is all of these various elements of healthcare supply chain performance that will ultimately enable you to attain the goals of optimal and cost effective healthcare delivery, all of which are possible through a properly implemented analytics practice enabled by best of breed technology and solutions.

A pragmatic approach to Performance Management


Dino Stamatiou, Former Director, Analytics & BI