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Make your hospitals more efficient by using technology at all the points of use

useIT is flexible enough to accommodate the unique requirements of each hospital service area. This means that hospitals can deploy the right replenishment practice and the right technology in each service area to ensure the best possible ROI.

Make your hospitals more human by freeing up clinical staff to focus on patient care

useIT's proprietary "smart" technologies capture and track product usage with little to no manual intervention by clinical staff. useIT optimizes product re-ordering and delivery, and plans the demand appropriately.

Make your hospitals more intelligent by providing easy access to inventory information

useIT gives hospitals global visibility of inventory across their entire organization and allows them to analyze the value of their inventory at all locations.

useIT in Nursing Units

Having the right supplies at the right time in the right place is mission-critical to frontline patient care in your hospital nursing units. useIT sustains that kind of inventory efficiency and stock availability in your nursing units because of its ability to reliably and accurately capture demand data in tandem with its patented, streamlined storage practices.

useIT enhances lean methodology replenishment practices in your nursing units. Depending on the level of transformation you desire, TECSYS Healthcare leverages and integrates various proven technologies and hardware to offer greater automation where it makes sense.

useIT provides you with a range of best-in-class inventory management practices, from periodical mode for low-value items to perpetual mode (real time) for more expensive items requiring item-level traceability and patient billing capabilities.


  • Releases substantial clinical time
  • Controls inventory levels and improves turns
  • Prevents product expiration
  • Clinician-friendly technology allows for greater focus on patient care
  • Full inventory visibility and immediate access to supplies across the entire hospital organization
  • Reduced manual labor

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useIT in Nursing Units

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The Ultimate Kanban Guide for Hospitals

A one-stop educational resource for people involved in 2-Bin/Kanban healthcare replenishment.

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useIT in Cath Labs

The status of the Cath Lab as a key revenue generator for the hospital underlines the importance of cost containment, charge capture and optimizing processes in its supply chain. Automation represents a significant opportunity to achieve quantifiable gains by improving workflows, streamlining charge capture processes and releasing valuable resources by addressing the following problems:

  1. Inefficient supply management / Inaccurate or unavailable inventory
  2. Cath Lab personnel involved in manual data entry
  3. Imbalances in inventory and consignment liability
  4. Fragmented consumption data leading to waste and lost revenue

useIT in Cath Labs has been designed to respond to the universal challenges facing Cath Lab leadership applying best practice methodologies to integrated workflows and leveraging optional leading RFID technologies.

This unique set of solutions provides exceptionally accurate visibility through unitary tracking of movement and demand and by capturing charges and usage, while limiting clinical involvement, eliminating manual transcriptions and automating documentation. The application facilitates data capture through the innovative use of touch, bar code and RFID technology. Clinical workflows are not disrupted, yet replenishment triggers are directly tied to actual consumption, with patient charging functionality seamlessly integrated. Existing infrastructure is preserved through flexible, non-intrusive integration into existing workflows and IT environments to ensure compliance, interoperability and scalability.


  • Clinical time is freed up and revenue leakage reduced through improved and automated workflows
  • Real-time information powers improved and expedited expiration and recall management
  • Integrated workflows ensure alignment between automated clinical documentation, patient charging and demand capture, ensuring all three functions are streamlined
  • The bottom line is improved by reducing costs associated with expense write-offs, product expiration and loss, and complex invoice and inventory reconciliation processes
  • Reduction in ordering and replenishment time and Increase in charge capture

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Heart Institute Cath Lab

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useIT in Cath Labs & IRs

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useIT Specialty Item Management

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useIT in Operating Rooms

useIT in ORs is a breakthrough clinical-staff-friendly supply chain execution solution that meets the challenges of the perioperative supply chain — before, during and post-surgery.

By combining proven best practices with innovative technology, useIT provides visibility, control and efficiency in the OR by optimizing supply chain processes. This translates into reduced costs and less waste while maintaining the inventory levels needed to deliver excellent perioperative services.

useIT enables hospitals to not only secure the gains associated with improved inventory management and the logistics of case picking, but also to capture accurate case costing. As a result, useIT restores clinical staff's confidence in the reliability of the perioperative supply chain process, improves decision-making and allows clinical staff to devote more time to delivering safe patient care.


  • Automated perioperative supply chain execution
  • EMR integration for synchronized case information and surgeon preference cards
  • Reduced risk of human error through automated processes
  • Global inventory visibility, replenishment, lot and serial number tracking of all types of material: consignment, bone and tissues, implants, screws and plates, instruments, general supplies, etc.
  • Management of consigned products, automatic reconciliation, and ability to view order status
  • Reduced product expiration, overstocking, misplaced items and overnight shipments
  • Case costing and inventory analysis tools to understand cost drivers
  • Ongoing optimization of preference cards to reduce unnecessary items picked

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Resources for useIT in Operating Rooms

A collection of educational information and inspirational stories on how and why top healthcare organizations are deploying useIT in Operating Rooms.

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useIT in Non-acute Care

Extending your reach to non-acute care facilities such as clinics, ambulatory centers, long-term care and outpatient facilities with geographic diversity and low volume consumption requires a combination of mobile delivery and inventory management capabilities. useIT in Non-acute Care Facilities ensures that the various storage locations maintain reliable stock levels and accurate demand assessments while eliminating non-value-added activities.

By combining moveIT and useIT, we propose one main solution to drive effectively the delivery activities of transporting and storing supplies at the point of use while integrating and automating the demand capture. At the point of use, various technologies facilitate ease of access to information with the least amount of intervention. Products are captured via various technologies and enabling organizations to track usage and delivery, optimize re-ordering and plan the demand accordingly.

The useIT application provides best-in-class inventory management practices, from periodical mode for low-value items to perpetual mode (real time) for more expensive items requiring unitary traceability and patient charging capabilities.

The moveIT application adapts best practices used by world class couriers to manage local healthcare supply chain delivery and transportation activities and helps drive down transportation costs with a single, centralized, easy-to-use transportation management system.


  • Complete chain of custody from receiving to usage
  • Combine delivery and needs assessment processes
  • Controls global inventory levels and demand at the point of use
  • Full inventory visibility and immediate access to supplies across the entire hospital organization
  • Reduced manual labor and non-value added activities

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useIT in Materials Management

Healthcare supply chain automation and process consolidation represents a significant opportunity, as it releases resources, reduces inventory costs and improves the complete hospital distribution process.

The solution consolidates and enhances inventory management capabilities by introducing best practices from complex distribution systems adapted to this environment in support of the front line of service. The proposed automated replenishment system provides an integrated structure for a supply chain management solution that effectively and efficiently manages supplies at various point-of-use locations while tracking utilization across the health system.

useIT is the only point-of-use solution suite on the market that reconciles all types of material and all supply environments in a hospital. useIT was designed to accommodate different material flows adapted to the various service areas in a hospital setting, based on item value, traceability needs and status in a case-managed environment. This differentiated approach facilitates customization of the supply chain while significantly improving productivity and lowering process costs per item number, without appropriating clinical time better spent on patient care.

We have the capabilities to manage and track all types of supplies from their receipt to their utilization, while limiting clinical staff involvement. This complete chain of custody is particularly important when unitary traceability is a must or for clinical or financial reasons, such as implants, bone and tissue and high-value and consignment items in specialty areas.

The application provides real-time information about the inventory, replenishment and consumption levels by product. The system also facilitates the reconciliation of invoices or inventory with suppliers.


  • Reduction in inventory value and waste
  • Centralization of logistics activities
  • Complete chain of custody from receiving to usage
  • Release of personnel time and improved service levels
  • Labor savings facilitated for distribution/replenishment activities
  • Reduction in replenishment delays

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useIT in Pharmacies

useIT in Pharmacies provides visibility of all pharmacy inventory locations from the central pharmacy to the point of consumption, consolidates the demand and automates the purchasing of pharmaceuticals throughout the organization. It tracks lot numbers, expiration dates and product pedigrees to manage outdates and provide track-and-trace capabilities. TECSYS Healthcare’s expanded pharmacy solutions provide clinical support tools that streamline pharmacy-related tasks, reduce medication waste and control overall pharmacy supply chain costs by improving supply chain accuracy through centralized order processing and inventory management.

The application provides visibility, control and efficient operations by optimizing processes, which translates into reduced costs and less waste while maintaining inventory levels needed to deliver excellent perioperative services. As a result, the application restores clinical staff’s confidence in the reliability of the perioperative supply chain process and enables best-in-class performance in support of the delivery of safe patient care.

Pharmacy at the Point of Use

In the context of the point of use, our pharmacy solution provides the flexibility to manage pharmacy carts, satellite pharmacies and rush orders. It also offers integration capabilities to connect and plug all medication cabinets into our system to centralize the demand on nursing units and gain inventory visibility across the entire organization.


  • A single entry point to all pharmacy supply chain transactions and databases by interfacing with key systems such as automated dispensing cabinets, packagers and carousels
  • Access to information from stationary computers and mobile devices
  • Compliance with track and trace requirements by efficiently tracking lot numbers and expiration dates as well as full product pedigrees in accordance with DSCSA regulations
  • Integrates and enhances pharmacy workflows that effectively support all pharmacy organizational models, regardless of whether they are centralized, decentralized or hybrid
  • Manages the one-to-many relationships needed to calculate inventory quantity and drug value when multiple NDC numbers are purchased for the same medication

Integrated Pharmacy Solution

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smart Technology & Supporting Hardware

The TECSYS Healthcare platform offers both proprietary "smart" technology products and best-in-class 3rd party products like mobile computers, RFID and barcode equipment, and high-density storage equipment. Everything is designed specifically to align to healthcare workflows, securing the highest level of data integrity and the lowest compliance risk. Our material expertise is unparalleled in the industry, because it is meticulously adapted to businesses like yours. We can help you decide which solutions best respond to your needs, from basic barcode printing to RFID data collection to signature capture systems across vast networks.

smartpanel is an innovation in general supply management — it is the only RFID-enabled two-bin system to integrate a fully dynamic visual system inspired by lean best practices. smartpanel's array of interactive visual-based tools enhance the TECSYS Healthcare platform by featuring instant feedback on inventory levels and replenishment status, and remotely registering the delivery of products at supply locations. For clinical users and logistics staff alike, smartpanel is a giant step toward eliminating the "unknowns" in your inventory that often hinder performance and disrupt service levels.

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smartbin is the least clinically-disruptive way to capture consumption data because it seamlessly integrates data capture into your existing workflow. smartbin works in tandem with products that have been tagged with RFID transponders. Simply disposing of a product's empty packaging into a smartbin creates a record of consumption that is automatically attributed to patients, procedures, physicians or others, depending on the application. Using RFID, smartbin ensures consistency and compliance and makes item-level tracking and tracing blissfully easy.

Touchscreen kiosks

Touch-enabled, integrated workstations with HIPAA-compliant interfaces provide you with an ultra-secure solution for data collection and deployment. They enable your staff to capture supply usage quickly, and make it easier than ever to trace supply usage for clinical and financial reconciliation.

RF and barcode equipment, printers and labels

The ITopia© Supply Chain Platform supports a variety of RF and barcode equipment, RFID scanners and mobile computers. We also offer a variety of label options, RFID tags and printers.

High-density storage equipment

Designed specifically for healthcare institutions, our high-density, modular storage and distribution system minimizes your storage footprint while facilitating inventory best practices. This flexibility of design extends to room configurations, distribution of bins and components within each supply unit, and compartment configurations within each bin, ensuring organization rigidity without sacrificing storage flexibility to respond to evolving needs.

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