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We've put together a collection of informative materials and handy tools that will help you learn all about Kanban, the leading replenishment practice, and get you started managing your general supplies like other top healthcare performers. You'll become your organization's Kanban Ninja in no time!

Centered around a 3-part webinar series, these educational webinar replays and accompanying bonus content will show you how to:

  • Evaluate what Kanban can do for you and how to obtain organizational buy-in
  • Successfully set up a Kanban location
  • Scale and sustain a Kanban setup across the entire enterprise

First, though, we recommend you check out some Kanban basics to help you get up to speed...

Kanban Basics

Kanban vs. Par Level

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Kanban Training

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Kanban Brochure

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Kanban Webinar Series


Lessons Learned by Concord Hospital


Bonus Content

  Kanban ROI Calculator

An online tool that will help you visualize the cumulative 5-year impact of implementing Kanban in nursing units, cath labs or operating rooms.


Step-by-Step Guide to Kanban Success


Bonus Content

  Step-by-step Kanban Guide

A 4-step strategy to guide you towards successfully setting up your first Kanban location.

  Kanban Quota Calculator

A simple tool to help you eliminate guesswork when establishing baseline primary and secondary Kanban quotas based on volume, value and velocity.


Scaling Kanban in an Enterprise


Bonus Content

  Kanban Whitepaper

KanBan for Inventory Management in the GI Lab, by Lora L. Johnson, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Convenant Health System

A review of inventory distribution methods utilized throughout healthcare including advantages, disadvantages, and considerations of best practice to assist with the selection of the correct method to be used in managing variable need supplies for a busy remote GI Lab.

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