Business Intelligence for Retail


Unlock your data blind spots and gain insights into your business. Tecsys' technology solutions empower you with advanced business analytics to make smarter decisions and thrive.

Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Order Fulfillment Processes

With an extensible and secure reporting dashboard providing high level order-routing metrics and configurable reports for more in-depth analytics, Tecsys’ retail business intelligence tool enables data-driven decision making to optimize your operations.

Enhance the Omnichannel Experience

In a competitive e-commerce market, a favorable omnichannel customer experience drives repeat purchases. Ensure customers are well-served by tracking key metrics like partial, orphaned and rejected shipments and time to completion for orders.

Drive Order Profitability

Our tool enables retailers to manage and improve order profitability by tracking shipping list cost vs. customer charged, comparing the volume and efficacy of orders across all fulfillment channels and analyzing invoice data and order counts.

Scalable and Configurable

Tecsys’ retail business intelligence utilizes Azure services and PowerBI.

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