Get the Edge You Need With EASE

The supply chain is constantly changing. In order for your business to adapt to these changes and out-execute others in your industry, you need a competitive advantage. TECSYS products and services are designed around four main "pillars" of success that we call EASE: Execute, Adapt, Scale, and Expand.

Using this foundation, Enhanced Business Solutions (EBS) will modernize your business applications, integrate all your software and technology, and extend your TECSYS product's capabilities so your company can evolve with the changing market and your investment can continue to grow in value.

The goal of EBS is to help you transform your business with EASE so it becomes future-proof — the best competitive advantage there is.

MODERNIZE your business applications so your company can operate at its full potential

Using applications that are redundant or are out of date can be a big drag on your business. The solution is to modernize.

Modernized applications not only lead to quicker turn-around of goods, they also reduce costs. Keeping applications relevant helps you manage data and reduce redundancies so your business processes become more efficient. In the end, you'll have the flexibility to quickly adapt and scale with the evolving market — a real strategic competitive advantage, and something both your staff and customers will notice and appreciate!

How Modernizing Works

We assist you in the process of revisiting old applications, and replacing or renewing those whose functionality no longer meets market demand.

We consider your long-term business needs, recognizing that your applications may need to be consolidated, replaced, or decommissioned as technology evolves or the demands of the market change over time.

Remediate Resolve issues with the application code without changing functionality. Improve performance.
Consolidate Combine applications that are performing like functions. Remove duplicate systems, centralize information.
Replace Substitute an existing application with a new custom application. Maximize functional and/or technical adequacy and/or reduce the TCO, as well as harvest the benefits of an existing investment.
Decommission Stop the use of an application in production mode. Removal of an application, if possible, or partnership with TECSYS to host the application if it contains critical data.
Sustain Leave an application as it currently is. Continue use of an application where functional and/or technical adequacy is acceptable.

Our team will assess your applications and work with you to provide a technically sound solution that will grow with your business.

Take a Quick Test

If you want to know whether you need to modernize, take our How Are My Applications Doing? "quiz" below. If you answer "No" to any of the questions, then you should seriously consider modernizing your applications.

How Are My Applications Doing?


  • Is the application actively used by the business?
  • Does the application fit functional requirements?
  • Does the application align with the business strategy?
  • Does the system meet regulatory requirements?
  • Does the application provide competitive advantage?
  • Is the application easy to use?
  • Does the application meet customer expectations?
  • Does the application repeat, or overlap with another application’s function?
  • Is the application and platform stable?
  • Is the application or platform still under support from their vendors?


  • Is the application code understood by the IT organization?
  • Are the skills to support the application and platform readily available?
  • Is the application and platform extendable and flexible?


  • Is the overall cost of ownership in line with the benefit delivered?
  • Are financial metrics (such as cost per change) in acceptable ranges?

INTEGRATE all your software and technology to simplify your business operations

With so much data, you need to be sure you have the right information in the right system at the right time. Integrating removes all doubt from your decision-making by bringing all your business capabilities together on one platform.

We help connect every component of your business in order to create a seamless solution. This helps you when you need to scale your business, and it cuts back on costs by ensuring that you're using the whole system in the most efficient manner possible. When your applications can talk to each other clearly, not only will you make better decisions, but you'll make decisions faster, giving your business the competitive advantage it needs. Ultimately, you'll be able to make decisions based on complete, accurate, and current information, and use that to bring greater value to your customers and broaden your supply chain reach!

How Integrating Works

We collaborate with you to define a solution that fits your business, ensuring that it can run at maximum efficiency. For existing customers, we can improve operational and strategic decision-making through the timely consolidation of information from your various systems.

For new customers, including those with other components that need to interface with TECSYS, we can help with the integration and optimization process.

Whether you are building a solution for your business, or collaborating with us to define one, we leverage our knowledge of TECSYS applications, middleware, and overall supply chain management systems, to ensure that your operations are fully streamlined.

Need Training?

We offer various training programs, and can provide guidance on how to best integrate with TECSYS. We can also guide you on the process of designing and implementing your own integrated solution.

EXTEND your TECSYS product so your company can evolve with the changing market

As your business grows, so do your requirements. Extending generic functionality is often all you need to adapt to the changing market.

We work with you to define your new requirements, and develop the new functionality you need. We guarantee a seamless integration with your TECSYS software, so you will continue to reap the benefits of our proven platform.

As your business evolves based on market demands, you will always be able to add new functionality to your TECSYS solution. And, when you’re ready to upgrade to the next version, all your new functionality will follow.

When you extend your TECSYS software, you are both differentiating yourself and keeping your competitive advantage.

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