Of course, choosing the right supply chain software solution will certainly have a positive impact on your business. But in the end, we think it's HOW you use that software that will allow you to out-execute your competition and get a solid return on your investment.

From years of experience deploying supply chain software solutions, we have developed for our customers a proven approach to successful supply chain management that we call SMARTSupply Chain Modeling And Reference Tools.

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What is SMART?

SMART is a supply chain knowledge product designed to help you get to know TECSYS software applications better and improve your overall supply chain intelligence. It is built on TECSYS' extensive supply chain expertise, business experience and industry knowledge.

With TECSYS Supply Chain Management (SCM) software as its template, SMART teaches supply chain management business fundamentals, highlights industry best-practice recommendations, and models real-world supply chain execution for you and your staff. It accomplishes this using a number of innovative tools, such as:

  • Industry-related process maps
  • Customizable business processes
  • Interactive eLearning tutorials
  • Learning management tools

The "smart" part is that they can be tailored to any company, including yours!

Using SMART, you'll enjoy an accelerated rate-of-return on your technology investment and be better equipped to improve your own supply chain's performance.

SMART Components

  • SMART Knowledge Center: your complete access portal to the SMART suite of products tailored to TECSYS software releases.
  • Model Maps: a list of business-relevant supply chain models you can quickly reference.
  • Model Library: your comprehensive supply chain business process library that includes process flow diagrams and detailed activity flow descriptions, complete with execution instructions and applicable user roles.
  • eLearning Kit: a suite of interactive tutorials that cover a broad range of supply chain processes and transactions specific to TECSYS solutions that lets you learn at your own pace.
  • Learning Management Tools: a set of planning and progress tracking tools designed to help support you and your staff’s learning activities.
  • Reference Tools: your resource of additional documents and tutorials that supports specific SMART models.

The Benefits of SMART

New Implementations and Upgrades

  • Integrates tightly with TECSYS' standard implementation methodology (SIM) and with TECSYS Education services
  • Helps your project team identify process gaps and instances of process over-engineering
  • Scales progressively in multi-site roll-outs, allowing for reuse and refinement of developed materials

Knowledge Transfer

  • Leverages best-practices from leading supply chain companies around the world
  • Provides context for business process interconnections and their goals
  • Identifies the value in what makes your business unique and allows you to create your personal best-practices
  • Clarifies process roles and activities to help you and your staff understand the impact of your actions within your supply chain
  • Provides the foundation for developing standard operating procedures and test scripts
  • Stays in step with the development of new TECSYS features and releases so it is always up-to-date

eLearning Training

  • Accelerates your effectiveness with TECSYS software by familiarizing you with its navigation paths and functionality
  • Allows you to learn at your leisure with self-paced and self-directed e-learning material
  • Uses a simulation of the real system so you can practice what you have learned
  • Guides you, in advance, how to operate when exceptions occur
  • Keeps your skills sharp through interactive tutorials which are always available as a reference
  • Offers the ability to customize end-user training to suit your needs

Post Go-Live Performance & Measurement

  • Shows what's working and what's not in your supply chain via key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Offers a starting point for further business process design and transformation
  • Serves as reference material for supply chain initiatives (physical design, optimization, etc.)


business processes modeled from across all TECSYS SCM solutions


topics covered, equalling 28 hours of eLearning material


pages of documented supply chain knowledge


unique supply chain user roles identified

TECSYS has developed a very well thought out and documented implementation methodology using its Supply Chain Modeling and Reference Tools (SMART), which are not only a methodology, but also best-practice blueprints for its major vertical industries, and also a knowledgebase for learning.

C. Dwight Klappich
Analyst, Gartner Inc., and author of Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems