TECSYS Supply Chain Platform with Visual Logistics

Learn about this breakthrough technology for optimizing any warehouse management operation — it's more than just adding product images to your WMS application! The TECSYS supply chain platform, iTopia®, and Visual Logistics are a revolutionary shift in warehouse management thinking!

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Guide: 5 Ways to Start Cutting Supply Chain Costs

5 Ways to Start Cutting Supply Chain Costs

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SCM Platform

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Visual + Voice WMS

Visual and Voice WMS

Designed With the Future in Mind

The TECSYS warehouse management system with visual content and voice technology, an industry first, will revolutionize your supply chain.

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Supply Chain Platform with Visual Logistics Revolutionizes Warehouse Work

Visual Logistics is not just a new order picking technology. Our breakthrough technology provides a completely new approach to how warehouse operators perform their work. For the first time in the history of distribution operations, visual images and instructions are presented to operators on handheld units. The TECSYS Warehouse Management Software communicates with the Visual Logistics technology and allows you to give visual instructions through the handheld unit to workers on the floor level. Increasing the overall accuracy and productivity of order picking operations, it’s a solution that provides valuable benefits across all day-to-day warehouse operations from receiving to shipping.

Visual Logistics help distribution operations with the following warehousing activities:

  • Order Picking
  • Location Mapping
  • Order Sortation
  • Receiving and Quality Assurance
  • Packing
  • Storage and Value-Added Processing

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Visual Information Improves Accuracy

Visual Logistics takes the guesswork out of warehousing operations by combining visual data with barcode scanning precision to confirm the accuracy of tasks. The human brain translates visual information faster and more accurately than text-based instructions alone. When employees can work more efficiently, the time savings translates into significant bottom-line cost savings and increased labor productivity for many distribution operations.

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Visual Logistics Provides Cost-Saving Benefits

The profiles of distribution operations and industries that benefit most from TECSYS’ Visual Logistics are those that:

  • Store a high number of slow-moving products
  • Distribute high velocity products and need to catch errors at the time of picking
  • Service medium to high value products
  • Capture product-specific information
  • Perform customer-specific or product-specific value-added services
  • Have high productivity and accuracy requirements
  • Service seasonal product lines or in/out products where visual information improves picking accuracy
  • Have unscannable product UPC bar codes

What Does This Mean for You?

When you use TECSYS’ Supply Chain Platform with Visual Logistics you can expect:

  • Improved worker productivity and efficiency
  • Increased accuracy and reduced errors
  • Improved bottom line resulting from increased productivity
  • Success in meeting customer demands and expectations

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From an IT perspective, TECSYS was able to customize their system to fit some of the requirements we had. Most warehousing systems just handle warehousing, not retail. We needed the capability to do both. TECSYS was able to make modifications to their system that they actually added to the core product. They were the only vendor that had the flexibility to do that.

Ron Ford
Information Systems Director, Milton Cat®

Integrated DMS, WMS and TMS means integrated information for everything; you don’t have to wait for transfer of information and you don't have to deal with incompatible files or technology between systems or interfaces. And, when you upgrade, you don’t have to worry about disparate systems’ incompatibility or the additional cost and waste of time.

Marc Primeau
IT Manager, WALTER

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