Ace Mart

Ace Mart logo

When its proprietary software system began impeding Ace Mart's ability to deliver on its in-stock promise, they launched an intensive search for an enterprise solution that would protect this crucial competitive advantage.

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"We wanted to get this right the first time — that's why we chose TECSYS."

Dave Russell, Controller


Aetrex logo

TECSYS' WMS Enabled Aetrex to reach its strategic growth objectives while lowering cost by 24% and demonstrating unparalleled customer care and responsiveness.

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"At the end of the day, with TECSYS we are now miles ahead in our execution abilities and management of our supply chain."

Jeffrey Pike, Vice President of Operations


Battat logo

Battat Inc. is a leading North American designer and distributor of high-quality children's toys. Battat's clients include stores such as Sears and T.J. Maxx, and suppliers such as Target, BJ's and Costco. Battat rolled out TECSYS software to accommodate its rapid growth, deliver streamlined, real-time, inventory control, and meet customer expectations for electronic fulfillment and just-in-time deliveries.

"When we receive an order, it has to be filled within three days. This requires a totally integrated order fulfillment system that provides real-time enterprise-wide information. TECSYS delivers this and more..."

Joe Battat, President


Bayer logo

Bayer ships an average of 25,000 orders a month. They overhauled their traditional warehouse operations and created a paperless environment — which generated all kinds of other supply chain benefits besides.
Reprinted from Materials Management & Distribution Magazine

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"This move helped to improve employee morale...As a result, we have been able to enjoy increased productivity and accuracy in the warehouse."

Cee Kay Supply

Cee Kay logo

With TECSYS, Cee Kay gained critical enterprise visibility and was able to improve inventory and replenishment levels immediately, eliminate costly cylinder audits, and offer complete cradle-to-grave traceability, while keeping full control of their margins.

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"Our managers have greater visibility of low margin transactions, price overrides and discounting. This new visibility of information is fostering a positive culture change within our sales department."

Ned Lane, President

Cleveland Brothers

Cleveland Brothers logo

Needing a robust warehouse management system that could provide real-time visibility and tracking of parts and orders throughout their supply chain, Cleveland Brothers selected TECSYS because of its expertise and proven solutions at Caterpillar dealers across North America.

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"Without TECSYS' WMS, we would have not been able to handle the load. We would have had to add people. The idea is, with TECSYS' WMS we do more with less."

Rick Hoose, General Parts Manager

Curry's Art Store

Curry's Art Store logo

The TECSYS system has been the backbone of Curry's distribution operation since the late eighties, giving them the tools to deliver top-selling merchandise, with extensive real-time information that has clearly enabled them to manage their business efficiently.

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"To be effective and responsive to your customers, you have to have your system totally it forecasting, purchasing, controlling inventory, taking customer orders, shipping and receiving, etc. That's how TECSYS excels in support of our supply chain."

Carla Moum, Manager, Information Systems

Dainty Foods

Dainty logo

Dainty Foods operates in a very competitive commodities environment, where margins are extremely thin and distribution efficiency is of the utmost importance. Proud to be TECSYS' first client, Dainty Foods now uses the company's Web-based enterprise solution.

"As TECSYS' longest-standing customer, we can certainly testify to the software's ability to evolve with the times...It is a true test of what has proven to be a very valuable investment."

Dave Wayland, Secretary-Treasurer and CFO, MRRM Inc.

Elkay Plastics

Elkay Plastics logo

Just-In-Time (JIT) availability and synergistic channels are as crucial to the success and growth of Elkay as the quality of their products. Elkay's implementation of TECSYS' software radically streamlined their inventory and distribution processes.

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"Within three months of implementation, we saw a measurable impact in increased customer service levels and decreased inventories."


ESAB logo

ESAB automated it's warehouse facility to keep pace with revenues that were doubling every five years. They evaluated several vendors before choosing the warehouse management system from TECSYS.

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"We've experienced not only a huge increase in productivity but also in proper tracking of orders and inventory, which our old system wasn't able to do."

Mike Williams, Operations Manager

Essendant (formerly ADOX/OKI)

Essendant logo (formerly ADOX-OKI)

After implementing TECSYS' solution for industrial distributors, Essendant has experienced significant cost savings — a 20% reduction in inventory, a 10% improvement in fill rate, and a 50% reduction in man-hours for invoicing!

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"TECSYS' leading-edge features such as the ability to extract and analyze data, to identify customer buying patterns, and promote the sale of substitutes are competitive advantages for industrial distributors."

John Leclair, President

Focus Products Group

Focus Products Group logo

Focus Products Group has been very active acquiring companies with lines of products that complement the housewares and personal care items it delivers to major retailers. Focus Products Group relies on TECSYS to bring its new divisions in line.

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"We're committed to partnering with TECSYS. They've shown us commitment in terms of the resources that they have made available to us when we need them. And they are responsive when it comes to the product, too."

Eric Lockwood, Vice President of Operations


Hofland logo

With new distribution channels emerging and major customers starting to buy directly from growers, Hofland expanded its product offering to include giftware and home decor. TECSYS software supports this diversification, while delivering real-time information.

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"A flower shop can no longer afford to be just a flower shop, which means as a supplier we have to provide more than just flowers. TECSYS has helped us incorporate new product lines and penetrate new markets with greater speed and efficiency."

Glenn Hofland, President

King Par Golf

King Par Golf logo

With close to US$100 million in annual revenues, King Par Golf (KPG) is one of North America's top five golf suppliers. TECSYS meets KPG's high distribution needs and provides them with crucial real-time inventory capabilities that enable the company to efficiently meet the evolving requirements of major retailers, sporting goods chains and mass merchandisers like Wal-Mart and SAM's Club.

"Our business is all about service and fill rates...TECSYS allows us to do this by offering the most disciplined platform we have seen for fulfilling orders. It is also readily upgraded and is supported by an intelligent, committed staff."

John Biafore, General Manager

Kramer Cat® (now part of Finning International)

Kramer Cat® logo

Moving from paper-based processes to automated/system-directed processes using TECSYS' warehouse management software has given Kramer Cat® real-time visibility and tracking of up to 500 orders per day, while minimizing errors and increasing order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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"With TECSYS' warehouse management software our employees are empowered to uphold our mission, which is to make our customers more profitable by providing safe, innovative, cost-effective solutions."

Timothy (Tim) R. Kramer, President

Kurt S. Adler

Kurt S. Adler logo

Kurt S. Adler is a leading importer and exporter of holiday ornaments with headquarters in New York City, 13 permanent showrooms, and a state-of-the-art distribution center in New Jersey. Manual processes were slowing down the company's productivity, and rapid growth had made things unmanageable. Modernization was no longer an option, it was a requirement.

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"We wanted a package that was very close to our needs; and our needs were specific to the giftware industry."

Chris Riggi, Director of Information Systems

LifeScience Logistics

LifeScience Logistics logo

LifeScience Logistics faced the challenge of providing domestic and global healthcare manufacturers with unique, regulatory-compliant distribution facilities and processes. They chose TECSYS' healthcare SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, and the results have been impressive — 99.97% inventory accuracy, with the right products delivered at the right price without sacrificing quality.

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"We have a reliable IT infrastructure that can be tapped anytime, from anywhere, is like "googling" into a supply chain network of applications, giving us and our customers peace of mind and visibility of what is happening..."

Richard Beeny, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

By working with TECSYS' subject matter experts in warehouse optimization and analytics to improve their warehouse slotting and layout, LifeScience Logistics put themselves in a position to provide high quality service to meet customer expectations and to handle the volume of their growing business.

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"Today, we have more storage locations, a much better layout, and we have conveyor systems — all that was designed for a higher volume output. Basically, what TECSYS did, is make our warehouse operation much better so that we could meet our clients' expectations."

Bal Snow, Manager of Information Technology

Matsushita (Panasonic)

Matsushita/Panasonic logo

Matsushita had one objective for its warehouse management system: eliminate the need to shut down the warehouse one day each month to conduct a physical inventory. With the help of RF data collection equipment and a warehouse management system from TECSYS, Matsushita has met this challenge...and now has one more selling day per month!

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"Most months we have zero discrepancies...We seem to have become a model for businesses that want to improve their warehouse management and inventory control."

Milton Cat®

Milton Cat® logo

Milton Cat®, one of the largest Caterpillar® dealers in North America, needed a warehouse system that would run on their existing IBM® iSeries platform, interface to their proprietary ERP and put-to-light systems, and also provide the tools to establish a new customer self-service kiosk. TECSYS' Warehouse Management System for IBM® System i was able to meet these needs and the results have been increased visibility on inventory and orders, improved accuracy, reduced waiting times for parts, and a customer self-service kiosk.

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"Most warehousing systems just handle warehousing, not retail. We needed the capability to do both. TECSYS was able to make modifications to their system that they actually added to the core product. They were the only vendor that had the flexibility to do that."

Rod Ford, Information Systems Director

Natural Life

Natural Life logo

Natural Life's business has grown rapidly from a start-up company to one with $20 million in sales. With a large inventory, the challenge was being able to keep up with the demands of major retail chains. TECSYS supplied an integrated, end-to-end solution, including a warehouse management system (WMS), that supports the company's 30% growth and enables it to serve both small and large customers.

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"I love that the warehouse is automated. We have had record-setting order days, and the warehouse was not only able to keep up but also reduced our turnaround time. TECSYS WMS is a key part of our ability to deliver awesome customer experiences."

Patti Hughes, Founder & CEO

S.J. Smith

S.J. Smith logo

S.J. Smith needed an integrated solution that would allow them to measure the outcome of their continuous improvement programs. TECSYS automation and flexibility not only brought faster response times but gave S.J. Smith employees access to real-time business data and equipped them to deal with the daily challenges of fulfilling 1500 to 2000 order lines per day.

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"We needed a partner with a proven track record in supply chain management that was willing to work with us to develop a system uniquely suited to the special needs of our industry."

Richelle Smith-Brecht, President and COO

WALTER Surface Technologies

WALTER Surface Technologies logo

WALTER's challenges spanned the full supply chain management cycle, from development to distribution and customer services across 3 continents, with the need to improve the purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles. TECSYS has helped WALTER increase fill rate to 98%, reduce its billing cycle by 24 hours, and increase warehouse labor productivity by up to 15%.

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"With TECSYS' integrated DMS, WMS and TMS, we have integrated information for everything; you don't have to wait for transfer of information and you don't have to deal with incompatible files or technology between systems or interfaces."

Marc Primeau, IT Manager

Werner Electric Supply

Werner Electric Supply logo

Having a warehouse operation that delivers value-added services and order fulfillment cycle in less than 24 hours in a fierce competitive landscape is a major challenge. Werner is leveraging TECSYS' supply chain platform extensively to adapt the system on the go to their ever changing needs and deliver real value to their customers.

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"Our vision is to be the most dynamic and customer-focused electrical distributor in the nation. Our partnership with TECSYS is providing us with the technology platform and expertise to unlock the strategic potential of our supply chain to gain significant edge in our competitive profile and achieve our vision objectives."

Lloyd Fabry, Director of Operations