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Electrical products distributors face new challenges every minute of every day. Delivering to contractors before dawn, and answering calls for urgent pick-ups are now just as much a part of their normal workday as dealing with a variety of suppliers — industrial, OEMs and individual consumers.

When 100 percent fulfillment is expected, day in and day out, regardless of fluctuations in demand or operational changes, you need a warehouse management system that is scalable, flexible, and can seamlessly collaborate and integrate with other systems as one borderless enterprise.

A Snapshot of the Complexity in Electrical Products Distribution

Inventory includes thousands of items of all types, shapes, and sizes, from very small components to large wire reels and conduits.

The desired fulfillment cycle has decreased to less than 24 hours. Customers want to place orders late in the day and still have them delivered early the next morning, particularly to job sites. Urgent pick-ups on will-call add to the challenges.

Distribution operations must be optimized to reduce cost and improve margins.

Traceability and proof-of-delivery have become crucial, particularly to job sites.

Supply chain applications must be robust, with the distinct ability to handle wire cutting inventory management and customer-specific, value-added services.

Connection to and collaboration with enterprise systems such as ERP and automation is essential.

New and/or temporary employees must be onboarded quickly without impacting business.

TECSYS Solutions for Electrical Products Distribution

TECSYS understands the unique challenges of electrical products distributors and offers a variety of solutions that simplify operations, drive best-practices, and meet the ever-increasing demands of customers. TECSYS' agile supply chain platform puts proven innovations, software elasticity, and optimum user experience at the front of the fulfillment challenges of electrical products distribution operations.

TECSYS' solutions include:

Together, these solutions leverage TECSYS' supply chain platform to adapt to the ever-changing needs and handle the complexity of the electrical products distribution supply chain.

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Screenshot of TECSYS solutions for electrical products distributors

Unique Capabilities for Electrical Distributors


Screenshot of TECSYS solutions for electrical products distributorsVisual logistics, a paradigm shift in WMS, optimizes task execution abilities in all warehouse environments. Its visual cues make your users more informed, efficient, accurate, and more responsive to your clients.


TECSYS' agile, scalable, and adaptable platform supports many variable requirements by electrical products distributors such as packaging and labeling, kitting, staging, and information on content which differentiates you as a distributor and drives value-added services to your customers.


Efficient WMS execution combined with visual logistics enables same-day delivery and shorter fulfillment turnaround times of less than 24 hours.


The system gives wire-cutting operators an intelligent inventory of the shortest wire type lengths that most closely match your customer's order. It also provides the next appropriate footage marking where cuts should be made to meet your customer's order, including cutting multiple wires simultaneously. This eliminates waste and improves accuracy so customer returns of short-cut wires and incomplete shipments are a thing of the past.


TECSYS' supply chain solutions interface and collaborate with the industry's most common enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for swift information exchange so your customers' orders can be executed without delays.

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TECSYS is an Allied Technology Partner of the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED).

Werner Electric Supply Achieves 99.9% Accuracy and Zero Backlog [5:32]


Our vision is to be the most dynamic and customer-focused electrical distributor in the nation. Our partnership with TECSYS is providing us with the technology platform and expertise to unlock the strategic potential of our supply chain to gain significant edge in our competitive profile and achieve our vision objectives.

Lloyd Fabry
Regional Distribution Center Manager, Werner Electric Supply

As a wholesale electrical distributor, we are focused on the customer. We try to add value to products delivered to small customers or large customers. In our industry, competitors, most of the times, are selling the same products or comparable ones, so there is no competitive advantages with just selling products. What we really strive in our operation is to extend unique services that will put us ahead of our competitors.

Kyle Arndt
Value-Add Engineer, Werner Electric Supply

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