Reimagine Your Healthcare Distribution Supply Chain

Challenges of the Healthcare Distribution Supply Chain

As a distributor of medsurg products, medical equipment and devices, or a distributor of pharmaceuticals to healthcare providers, you face tremendous challenges in today's world from constantly-changing customer needs, lack of inventory visibility, significant waste, eroding margins and evolving regulatory requirements. The demands on your supply chain increase daily, and are increasingly complex.

To become an "enabled" healthcare distributor in today's world you need to be significantly more agile, able to adapt, scale and be much more responsive to your customers than your competitors are. Starting with your core technology infrastructure, your supply chain, this really requires a transformational journey — one that leads to quicker and more efficient delivery of products and services at a lower cost.


TECSYS Solutions for Healthcare Distribution

To meet the fulfillment challenges of healthcare distributors, TECSYS puts proven innovations, software elasticity, regulatory compliance and an optimum user experience at the forefront of our solutions.

Industry leaders are now embracing their transformation with TECSYS healthcare distribution solutions as they begin to rethink their supply chains and start using technology not just to improve their internal processes but as a driver of growth.

Imagine the power of unlocking the insights of your healthcare organization's uniqueness and the strength of your people, and having innovation and efficiency at the heart of your supply chain!


What are the Benefits?

  • ALIGN the right supply chain processes with the unique requirements of healthcare products to better serve your customers.
  • IMPROVE logistics processes by using proven best-practices and technology to drive optimum efficiency in your supply chain.
  • LEVERAGE proper demand planning, reduce overall costs by balancing and reducing inventory levels across your supply network.
  • ELIMINATE product obsolescence such as waste and expired products through better inventory management, tracking and monitoring of products in your supply network.
  • ENABLE security and enhanced controls across your supply chain to make it much harder for counterfeit products to enter.
  • USE collaboration to gain the benefits inherent in going beyond your company's borders.
  • ACTIVATE benchmarking strategies to drive continuous improvements which leverage KPIs from the industry's best performers.

It will revolutionize how business is conducted in the healthcare arena. The Return on Investment is solid. If you are looking for innovation to become a frontrunner in the industry, then you should look at TECSYS' portfolio of products. I did look and did not find anyone with the same depth and breadth of superior supply chain management solutions as TECSYS.

Donna Van Vlerah
SVP, Support Division, Parkview Health

TECSYS' distribution platform delivers on the unique requirements of our business and positions our valued customers for success, by enabling process flexibility and innovation through information.

Senior Vice President, Healthcare Distribution Company

TECSYS and Healthcare

For over two decades, TECSYS has been providing an integrated suite of supply chain management solutions to the healthcare industry; these include Fortune 100 manufacturers and distributors, as well as third-party logistics providers and a number of health systems and hospitals in Canada and the United States.

TECSYS' supply chain management solutions for healthcare speed up the flow of business activity across the organization, consolidate information, manage inventory, drive dramatic cost savings, and help deliver superior customer service.

Four of TECSYS' customers were listed in the top five of Gartner's Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 for 2015. This clearly demonstrates the progress they have made in meeting the stringent supply chain challenges in healthcare, leveraging TECSYS' technology and expertise to continue climbing the leadership ladder in Gartner's top 25 over the last few years.


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