Big Solutions for Small Business

TECSYS solutions are a leap forward for small- to mid-sized giftware and import-to-retail distributors. TECSYS delivers the industry's most advanced functionality for the total management of a supply chain — a supply chain that includes products, suppliers, consumers, and retailers...anytime and anywhere in the world!

With TECSYS, you can accurately cost and track your overseas purchases so you know where they are, when they’ll arrive, and what the expected landed cost will be. You’ll watch your cancelled orders, backorders and overstocking plummet as TECSYS order management ensures your customers get the right orders at the right time. Powerful forecasting capabilities allow you to purchase the right stock at the right time, resulting in reduced stock levels and increased product turns.

Whatever your niche is, we’ll make sure your business takes full advantage of the TECSYS product, and that your internal processes conform to industry best practices. Match this with a team of industry experts — professionals who specialize in your field — and you have a solution that is a dream come true. For you and your customers!

Inventory and Warehouse Management

The warehouse is often a hectic place, especially during peak shipping seasons, but picking mistakes cost money. Our inventory and warehouse management software is specifically designed to increase picking/packing accuracy while increasing your staff's efficiency.

Business Benefits

Improve Accuracy

  • Catch picking and packing mistakes before shipping
  • Reduce your charge backs
  • Reduce your customers' returns
  • Increase your inventory accuracy
  • Increase your customer satisfaction

Improved Customer Service

  • Accurate order status visibility throughout the enterprise
  • Answer picking and shipping questions immediately
  • Real-time status of orders/shipments
  • Reduce the time per phone call

Time and Labor Savings

  • Eliminate manual invoicing
  • Reduce number of "checkers"
  • Automate ASN production

Key Capabilities


  • New order scheduling tools for warehouse workload management
  • Laser-printed sales orders with barcoded order numbers for use with scanners
  • Built-in customer and product compliance instructions for improved flow of information to staff

Checking and Packing

  • Order checking and packing combined in one simple step
  • Automated process with easy-to-use interface
  • Minimal keyboard or mouse use required
  • Identify mistakes before they become errors
  • Consistent rule enforcement


  • Integrated quick ship option
  • Newly-designed bill of lading
  • UCC-128 box labels
  • Carton contents document


  • Invoices are automatically created from packing session information
  • Advanced Ship Notices (ASN) are automatically created
  • Shipment tracking information is shared seamlessly with Transportation Management System

Order Management

With more industry-specific functionality than anyone else in the marketplace, TECSYS offers distributors and importers selling to retailers the most comprehensive and flexible backbone for operating a business in today's ever-fluid environment.

Business Benefits

Take Control

  • Decide who gets what and when
  • Sort and prioritize orders
  • Rank and prioritize customers
  • Follow through on sales promises

Returns You Can Count On

  • Reduced freight costs
  • Reduction in back orders
  • Make perfect purchasing decisions
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Increased staff productivity

Key Capabilities

Dynamic Order Allocations

  • Inventory is dynamically distributed to customers based on settings you define
  • Both order and purchase order dates are considered when making order-filling decisions
  • Inventory, sales order, purchase order, and allocation information is available to customer service staff
  • Credit and delinquency status is considered automatically

Operational Efficiency

  • Target fill rates per order are considered by the system
  • Powerful, color-coded displays
  • Warehouse management controls
  • Consistent rule enforcement


  • Seamless integration
  • Outbound
  • Inbound
  • Automatic updates
  • Business rules


The internet represents a tremendous advantage for a distribution company. The linking of customers to the distributor provides real value when the quality of services provided in this online setting is both productive and pleasing to the customer and distributor alike.

The Value of Integration

  • Allows the two way exchange of information in real time.
  • Enables retail customers, management, account executives and even end consumers to get real value from the Web application, and therefore, from the company publishing the site.
  • Control the online experience of your customers using powerful cataloging, shopping, and searching tools.
  • Empowers your customers and your sales reps with self-service tools.
  • Maintain and update your e-Commerce application with a minimum of time and effort.

Order Entry

  • Catalog publishing and searching
  • Multiple shopping carts at once
  • Direct order entry—just type in product codes and quantities
  • Multiple "Favorites" lists, for easy re-ordering or future considerations
  • One-click checkout
  • Extensive support

Security and Email

  • Support for secure online credit card payments—you control the payment options
  • Email acknowledgements:
    • When a cart is checked out
    • When a cart order is invoiced (very much like an Advanced Shipping Notice)
    • When carts are sent for approval (approved or rejected)

Customer/Sales Rep Self-Service

  • Transaction history of open orders and invoice history
  • Statement of Account
  • Customer self-service:
    • Let a customer contact maintain their own Web contacts, grant browse level, shopping, etc.
    • Online views of open orders and invoice history
    • Support for re-ordering from invoice history
  • Create/maintain multiple "Favorites" lists for current and future re-ordering
  • Allow sales reps to create orders on behalf of their customers

Contact Management

  • Control who can login and what they can access
  • Link contacts to one or more account records
  • Control how the system responds to cart checkouts
  • Support large customers through self administration (Admin Desk)

Content Management

  • Powerful catalog publishing
  • Easy-to-publish products online
  • Accommodates simple or rich product content:
    • Full descriptions
    • Thumbnail, full size, and high-resolution images
    • PDF files
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Unlimited hierarchical catalog navigation:
    • Unlimited, reuseable categories; use them as building blocks
    • Unlimited products in a category
    • Products linkable to multiple categories
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) manipulation
  • Client-entered HTML/Javascript/Flash content
  • Supports embedded YouTube™ videos
  • Integrated and randomized advertising graphic pools with click-tracking

Dynamic Integration

  • Linked to your installation via https/XML data replication
  • Automatic, autonomous, very low maintenance
  • No mass updates to the Web site to worry about
  • Customer-specific pricing is always in sync with how enterprise software would price it
  • Inventory availability is always in sync with enterprise software—if you choose to display it

Forecasting, Purchasing and Importing

TECSYS gives you the tools to deliver top-selling merchandise. Extensive real-time information gives you a variety of capabilities.

Get the Right Products at the Right Time

  • Re-order forecasting based on demand history by month and lead times.
  • Analysis for re-order patterns and product distribution breadth to ensure you bring in the hot sellers for that season.
  • Track "in-transit" shipments from overseas, with container numbers and vessels.
  • Account and track forecasted orders from major accounts in your inventory management.

Achieve Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Suggested purchase order generation to make purchasing less laborious.
  • For accurate costs, automate landed cost calculations and allocated cost by item.
  • Fulfillment and stock allocation based on fill rate, order value, customer priority and future receipt—deliver more products with fewer shipments.

Financial and Account Management

TECSYS delivers complete financial control—full integration with real-time information and extensive reporting for effective administration.

Benefits and Capabilities

  • Credit management tools
  • Automated tracking of commissions and royalties
  • Booking versus sales analysis
  • Customer profitability
  • Account activity statistics
  • Average days to pay information and payment history
  • G/L distribution
  • Audit trails
  • Flexible period posting
  • Cheque printing and reconciliation

I love that the warehouse is automated.

We have had record-setting order days, and the warehouse was not only able to keep up but also reduced our turnaround time. TECSYS WMS is a key part of our ability to deliver awesome customer experiences.

Patti Hughes, Founder and CEO, Natural Life

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