Turning Distributors into World-class Couriers

Are You Becoming a Courier?

Many regional distribution centers (DCs) are being driven to try and take on the task of customer delivery themselves because of higher-than-ever customer service expectations and the increasing cost of using commercial carriers. What about you?

  •   Are you being forced to deliver orders within the local area of your distribution center?
  •   Are you concerned that you're giving your top customers poor courier service because you lack the tools the big commercial carriers have?
  •   Are you able to tell when a delivery will be a problem before it becomes a customer disaster?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, you are probably a distributor becoming a courier.

Go First Class in the Last Mile

By venturing into the uncharted territory of the "Last Mile", you'll have to compete with world-class couriers like UPS® or FedEx®. It's a tall order, but it can be done! First, to qualify as a world-class distribution courier, it's essential to understand the new "rules of the road". And they are:


Plan and execute error-free. Get your orders across the dock, into the truck and out on the road quickly and accurately. Leverage "scan and go" technology so your drivers can be in-and-out at customers every time.

Efficiency throughout your entire chain of delivery — in everything from orders to drivers, fleets, and routes — is the foundation of great customer service. It's also a critical component of sustainability in the new distribution logistics landscape.


Deliver on time, every time. Give your drivers all the tools and information they need to provide perfect customer service.

Security and accountability throughout your delivery network is paramount to success. A dependable courier operation is one where everything that is picked up is delivered to the right place at the right time and handled in the right way. Anything short of that and your customers will quickly find alternate sources for their logistics.


Know where everything is. Be able to tell customers where their orders are, when they will arrive, and what happened to them along the way.

Being able to reliably answer that age-old question, "Where's my stuff?" is vital to your success as a world-class distribution courier operation. Today, you are measured against commercial courier benchmarks, so saying "It's on its way" is simply not good enough. Your customers now expect more!

Becoming a World-class Courier

TECSYS' Delivery Management makes it easy for distributors to quickly compete with world-class couriers. All aspects of staging orders, and the logistics required to deliver them, can now be conveniently managed, executed and monitored on handheld, mobile devices. Customers also have full visibility into the status and location of their orders using Delivery Management.

Delivery Management Makes You More Efficient

By managing the pre-sorting of deliveries into totes and onto pallets, TECSYS' Delivery Management gives you the ability to deliver many orders with a single scan. Using advanced routing techniques, Delivery Management sorts and stages groups of orders with similar destinations, resulting in significant efficiency and accuracy gains in downstream deliveries.

Delivery Management provides drivers with all the detailed work instructions they need at each stop on their routes to ensure they perform every task at every stop. This makes drivers much more efficient, and slashes miles and minutes (even hours) from their routes.

Everything that needs to be picked up and delivered on every route is scheduled, planned and calculated by Delivery Management. With this knowledge, both driver and vehicle resources get properly assigned for maximum fleet efficiency, with the right-sized vehicle and the right number of stops on every route to provide the best level of customer service.

Delivery Management app running in a mobile device

Delivery Management Makes You More Dependable

TECSYS' Delivery Management has a razor-sharp focus on recording everything that happens — every move, every pickup, every delivery, every time. From pick-up to drop-off, everything that happens to an order is recorded and tracked throughout the delivery cycle, ensured through signature or employee badge proof-of-activity and real-time mobile traceability.

Delivery Management Makes You More Transparent

TECSYS' Delivery Management lets you operate using all the best principles of a UPS or FedEx, providing you with the end-to-end visibility your customers want. At one end, a web-based, self-service portal offers shipment tracking for both internal and external users. On the other end, customer self-service calls for package pick-ups will automatically sync up to your driver's mobile device.

What You Can Expect from Delivery Management

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How to Overcome "Last Mile" Delivery Challenges

It's no longer enough to simply deliver packages from Point A to Point B. Regional distributors are discovering that "Last Mile" delivery expectations are higher than ever, and competing with UPS or FedEx as a "courier" requires matching their capabilities. Here's a look at today's delivery landscape, and at some of the capabilities that distributors-becoming-couriers need to implement to keep up.

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