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A fully-integrated CRM provides your sales reps with the tools they treasure most — mobile, easy-to-use, 360-degree views of their customers, organized in a way that optimizes their time.

Complete Customer Views at Your Fingertips

From the moment they log into the system, sales reps will enjoy the simplicity and productivity benefits of being able to work on a single platform with real-time access to all of their transactions for viewing and/or editing. They'll start their day with a CRM dashboard showing all of their open activities, quotes and orders. Complete customer information is only a click away, and documents and emails can be attached for future reference. When involved with collection activities, sales reps can quickly access past-due invoices and send them by email. To resolve any outstanding issues, all the information they need is at their fingertips.

Already in a Relationship?

If you already have a CRM, no problem. TECSYS DMS integrates easily with best-of-breed CRM solutions.

Distribution executives checking CRM dashboard and customer agenda