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Modern CFOs are looking to drive business performance, not just monitor it. Financial staff need to be liberated from transactional work and allowed to deliver evidence-based information that influences and supports business decisions.

CFO & CIO: The Superheroes of Enterprise Performance

Finance and IT represent the dynamic duo of enterprise performance. According to a recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, companies with a high level of collaboration between C-suite execs and the CIO are four times as likely to be "top performers" in growth and innovation. TECSYS’ powerful supply chain solutions and modern platform allow Finance to mine enterprise data with a lot less reliance on IT. Meanwhile, the same platform allows IT to extend and adapt business processes at a fraction of the normal cost.

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Financial management software built for supply chains

Financials Built for the Supply Chain

TECSYS Financial Management Software (FMS) is designed for supply chain organizations and is fully integrated with TECSYS DMS. Because it runs on top of TECSYS' end-to-end supply chain platform, CFOs can harvest all of their enterprise data — anywhere, anytime.

One of the ways CFOs of distribution organizations are always looking to boost operating cash flow is by optimizing their inventories. This effort requires internal collaboration, inventory accuracy and complete visibility on historical demand coupled with robust inventory management tools including demand planning and forecasting. TECSYS' fully-integrated supply chain system solves this equation for CFOs.

See Everything, Know Everything...Securely

TECSYS FMS provides full traceability of all your enterprise data, from the summary ledger to the detail ledger, to the related journal entry and right down to the originating transaction, in any currency. This completeness of data coupled with powerful embedded analytics is truly empowering.

TECSYS FMS comes with at-a-glance operations dashboards organized by business segment with a wealth of key performance indicators by year and period. Graphical and/or columnar information is easily and securely shareable at any level of aggregation, on any device. Role-based design also allows CFOs to control who can see, share or modify information.

Financially Friendly

Imagine a software solution friendly enough to share — internally and externally! TECSYS FMS supports trading partner collaboration via traditional EDI and other data formats, but more than that, trading partner web portals can easily be set up to truly maximize productivity and reduce cycle times.

TECSYS FMS's intuitive user interface increases the efficiency of receivables and payables activities, while its automation and workflow capabilities minimize labor costs. Considering that personnel costs typically account for about two-thirds of the total cost of finance, investing in high-performance tools is clearly a winning strategy.

Financial management dashboards for supply chain traceability

Business Benefits and Key Capabilities


Never wonder again about where a number comes from, because TECSYS FMS allows you to easily drill-down/drill-around ledgers, journals and transactions using powerful business views with dynamic filters — the power and flexibility that only modern technologies can provide.

TECSYS FMS offers multi-company financial reporting, available anytime thanks to real-time updates. Going beyond financial reporting, TECSYS FMS allows you to measure enterprise performance using built-in dashboards.

  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Budget management
  • Flexible cost allocation strategies
  • Fast and easy cheque reconciliation
  • Tax remittance, VAT and UST


A healthy and lean order-to-cash cycle is good for business — get paid fast and take good care of your valued customers using a smartly designed tool. TECSYS FMS's accounts receivable is fully integrated with TECSYS’ Order Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

  • Centralized or de-centralized controls
  • Easily audit the A/R control account(s)
  • Real-time credit control (support for charge-to, bill-to, ship-to)
  • Customer-specific invoicing to satisfy your most demanding customers
  • Minimal collection efforts through automation and workflow
  • Efficiently manage deductions
  • Tools for customer collaboration (EDI, self-service portal and impressive columnar and graphical reporting)


Procure-to-pay systems enable the integration of the purchasing department with the accounts payable (AP) department. This integration should not involve post-it notes and emails sitting in everyone's already overflowing inboxes. TECSYS FMS’s accounts payable allows you to efficiently manage supplier invoices resulting from direct and indirect procurement activities.

  • Centralized or de-centralized controls
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Reduced cost per invoice
  • Efficient management of price discrepancies
  • Improved early discount compliance through automation and workflow
  • Tools for customer collaboration (EDI, self-service portal and impressive columnar and graphical reporting)


  • Pre-packaged metrics and dashboards
  • Events and notifications

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