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Running your business with a well-managed inventory is a balancing act that requires you to have constant visibility on your entire product portfolio — and not just those items that are stocked!

See It and Believe It

There's a fine line between not having enough products and having too many. Either one can create financial problems for your business and erode your customer service. Using TECSYS DMS's powerful inventory dashboard gives you end-to-end visibility of all physical inventory assets across your supply chain network, even products that are not in stock. And it comes complete with analytics that provide inventory statistics you can totally trust.

Maintain Optimum Inventory Levels

Inventory needs to be stored, insured, counted and, of course, financed. Over a period of time, inventory is susceptible to loss, theft and shrinkage. It can also become obsolete if not used within its shelf life. To a CFO, the longer it sits, the more it costs!

Unfortunately, distributors must carry some inventory to meet expected service levels, so the trick is to carry the least amount possible. The good news is that TECSYS DMS offers strong demand planning and supply planning tools to help achieve optimum inventory levels for products that absolutely must be stocked:

  • Hub and spoke network replenishment (Satellite and Point-of-use)
  • Distribution Resource Planning (DRP)
  • Material Requirements planning (MRP)
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Be an Inventory Control Freak

Using TECSYS DMS you can manage the items in your inventory using one, or all, of several inventory control methods common in many industries:

  1. Multiple units of measure and GTIN support
  2. Support for minimum and multiple rules for procurement and fulfillment
  3. Inventory valuation with choice of last cost, average cost or standard cost at the SKU level
  4. Periodic or perpetual inventory accounting, centralized or decentralized ownership
  5. Control and tracking of any inventory adjustments, including reason codes
  6. Lot, serial and warranty tracking
  7. Flexible cycle counting with optional automated count on short picks