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To gain and sustain a competitive advantage, procurement professionals need to spend less time tracking, expediting and matching receipts and purchase orders, and more time evaluating new supply sources (or re-evaluating existing ones). Your service levels hinge on it!

Make Sure the Price is Right

Pricing discrepancies can cause all kinds of chaos, such as unexpected over-charges for items and over-time for your staff while they manually fix the mismatches! TECSYS DMS reduces price discrepancies by supporting GS1 standards — the most widely-used supply chain standards system in the world — such as GS1's Location Number (GLN) and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) which synchronize and harmonize the exchange of master data between trading partners.

TECSYS DMS provides your procurement staff with great upload tools to import and validate price increases received from your suppliers. Automating this workflow not only reduces human error which results in fewer price discrepancies (and less chaos), it also decreases the amount of time you have to spend maintaining vendor contracts and pricing updates.

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Distributor adding up final cost

The Final Cost: It All Adds Up

Beyond the purchase price, distributors also have to account for charges from other sources — freight, duty, brokerage, insurance, and currency exchange, to name a few. Figuring out a product's final cost can get complicated, especially when multiple product types are shipped within a single container!

TECSYS DMS allows you to record any number of charges, in any currency, from as many vendors as required. These charges are more fairly calculated using weight, volume or value, and automatically allocated to each product, with full traceability of each charge component. This method gives you a true final cost that has been validated and fully reconciled.

Get Your Suppliers Onboard

Collaborating electronically with suppliers (onboarding) is a sure way to cut costs and reduce errors. Your bigger suppliers are probably insisting on it, and this is a good thing because you are helping reduce their cost to serve you, and that translates into lower purchase costs for you in the end.

Documentation such as purchase orders, advance shipment notices and invoices represent the largest volume of onboarding transactions. To make onboarding more attractive for your suppliers, TECSYS DMS supports several data formats: EDI, XML, CSV and Excel.

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Deliver Dependability

Whether shipping directly, or initially shipping to your warehouse location for immediate delivery, your customers depend on you to deliver their products to the finish line on time. In some industries, delays can result in order cancellations or having to sell products at greatly discounted prices – not to mention serious customer service consequences! That's a risk you can't afford.

TECSYS DMS allows you to track all your supplier deliveries from start to finish, and get them there on schedule. It features:

  • Full visibility of all your inbound shipments, including the capture of relevant information about each leg of the delivery
  • Full visibility on inbound transfers from your distribution center to satellite and supply locations
  • Querying on inbound shipments that can potentially delay a specific work order
  • Tracking of consolidated deliveries at the port of exportation
  • Ability to attach related documents for future reference
  • Customer service tools to efficiently communicate the delivery status of special order items and advanced bookings
  • A self-service portal for customers and vendors

What Does This Mean for You?

When you use TECSYS supply chain platform distribution management procurement tools you can expect:

  • Increased cost savings resulting from reduced pricing discrepancies and over-charges.
  • Lowered risk with accurate tracking methods and on-time delivery.
  • An intuitive platform that allows online collaboration with suppliers and easy transfer of information and essential documents.