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An efficient, fully-integrated reverse logistics process designed to reduce the costs of handling and tracking product returns will satisfy operations and produce happy customers.

Execute the Perfect Return

Your goal, as a distributor, is to process the perfect order every time. But it's just as critical that you also aim for the perfect return, because customers return products for a multitude of reasons and will bring their business elsewhere if they get frustrated in the process of doing so!

As lower and lower margins leave no wiggle room for inefficiencies, returns can erode a distributor's margins and reduce profitability. The perfect return involves complete and accurate paperwork, full compliance, visibility and traceability during the process, and a satisfied customer whether the outcome be a refund or a replacement product.

Warehouse workers receiving returned goods

Automation and Workflow

TECSYS DMS offers distributors a highly automated returns process with flexible workflow. Whether dealing with a customer at the counter or receiving a returned product in the warehouse, the system can be pre-configured using business rules by customer, by location and/or for particular system users.

Customer Returns

Customer returns are fully integrated and can efficiently manage high-volumes of returns common in certain industries. The return process begins with a RMA request, followed by the RMA, the physical receipt(s) against the RMA, the confirmation of the shipment contents and finally involves inventory disposition and/or customer compensation.

  • Optional or mandatory RMA request that can be deployed as a self-service application
  • Optional or mandatory RMA including support for blanket RMAs
  • Flexible return price policies
  • Behaviors driven by established reason codes for denial and approval
  • Inventory disposition based on established reason codes
  • Support for multiple receipts against a single RMA
  • Receive using any of the item's established units of measure (each, case, etc.)
  • Easy lookup and upload capabilities from original invoice

Vendor Returns

As an interdepartmental activity, vendor returns require tight integration to procurement, warehousing and finance to prevent bottlenecks resulting from poor communication.

  • Rules governing vendor RMA
  • Automatic creation of return from damaged inventories
  • Return from on hand or damaged inventories
  • Rules at SKU level to indicate whether or not the item must be physically returned to the vendor
  • Full traceability of pending vendor credits per SKU with ability to capture attachments and/or notes
  • Optional, automatic creation of the payables debit memo