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To compete on pricing in today's volatile marketplace, achieving and maintaining the right price requires strong analytical tools and robust pricing functionality.

Nail Down the Right Selling Price

Distribution is not just about having the right products at the right place and the right time — it's also about having the right price so you can move products off your shelves and into the hands of your customers. This is especially true for distributors whose pricing initiatives involve thousands of products and customers.

TECSYS Distribution Management Software delivers powerful tools for managing pricing based on any combination of factors such as customers, products, locations, and vendors. This smart pricing functionality allows you to compete when pricing is highly sensitive. It also helps you to significantly reduce manual price overrides. The following pricing examples available within the Distribution Management Software help you set different pricing structures:

  • Price matrix for determining gross pricing
  • Discount matrix for determining net pricing
  • Promotional pricing
  • Rebate pricing

Take Advantage of Additional Revenue Opportunities

Billing for services involved in delivering an order, or setting up temporary surcharges on specific products, can provide you with important revenue opportunities. In some industries, these additional charges are vital to the bottom line. TECSYS Distribution Management Software lets you explore additional revenue opportunities with flexible, unlimited and automated add charges.

Specific charges may be applied to an order or shipment, either at the header or line level. A charge may be static (fixed value) or dynamic based on value, weight or number of SKUs. Charges may also be tier-based with a specific minimum or maximum charge value.

Other Sales Management Capabilities