Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

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Transform Your 3PL Supply Chain

Growing your 3PL organization from good to great is a journey. Along the way, you’ve had to make practical, real-time decisions about your supply chain. But now, with increased demands on your organization to expand and improve your 3PL operations, you stand at a crossroads: you can’t just fix your supply chain, you have to transform it.

Tecsys is here to guide you. We’ll equip you with the software, tools and consulting you need to transform your 3PL supply chain.

We empower good organizations to be great.

From our first days more than 35 years ago, we have worked with pragmatic organizations who needed supply chain tools to realize their growth aspirations. As a company, this is our deepest intention.

Armstrong & Associates Case Study – Rinchem Company, Inc.

With all sites utilizing the Tecsys WMS, Rinchem has been able to improve safety, accuracy, and productivity. Shipment accuracy has increased to 99.9% across the network. Management visibility to inventory across the network is standardized with improved accuracy and provides Rinchem with the ability to quickly reposition inventory based on customer needs and reduce safety stock.

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Technology in 3PL: Why Successful Companies Are Using Collaborative Robots

Cobot-enabled warehouses are getting jobs done quickly and efficiently. Successful 3PLs are economically using flexible automation to win in this competitive marketplace.

LifeScience Logistics outsources IT infrastructure to the cloud and achieves 99.97% inventory accuracy with Tecsys Warehouse Management

With Tecsys’ 3PL Itopia supply chain management platform, LifeScience Logistics is empowered to manage supply chain issues related to track and trace requirements for its customers.

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“With Tecsys we have a reliable IT infrastructure that can be tapped anytime, from anywhere, securely. The system is always available; it is like “googling” into a supply chain network of applications, giving us and our healthcare customers the peace of mind and visibility of what is happening, where and when. Most importantly it is helping us achieve a high-level of customer satisfaction.”
–Richard Beeny, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of LifeScience Logistics

7 Ways Your Warehouse Can Improve 3PL Billing

Are you challenged by manually billing your customers, lacking concise and auditable data to back up your billing, concerned about under-invoicing and disputed charges? For many 3PLs, managing clients with unique needs, varying contract rates, different contract rules, and last-minute changes means manual processes and Excel spreadsheets can no longer keep up.

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It’s time to equip your 3PL supply chain greatness.

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