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How to Go First Class in the Last Mile

Customer service expectations and the mounting cost of commercial carriers have driven regional distributors to take on Last Mile customer delivery themselves. But, can they compete with the best commercial carriers in dependability, transparency, and efficiency?

Customer delivery means so much more than just getting packages from Point A to Point B. Truly competing in this arena requires distributors to be able to manage critical factors such as service efficiency, visibility and security, driver management and dispatch.

This insightful webinar will explore how overcoming the challenges of Last Mile customer delivery has become a critical part of a distributor's cost and value, and how top-performing organizations are using Last Mile logistics to dominate the competition and stand out from the crowd.

Key Takeaways

  • Evolution of distribution trends over time and how these trends impact market conditions and your business.
  • How these trends can affect the profitability of your organization and your ability to respond to customer expectations.
  • Practical examples of how you can establish a world-class logistics operation and create competitive advantage through the business flexibility this brings.


Bill Denbigh
Director of Product Marketing, Logistics, TECSYS

Bill is a seasoned supply chain expert with a special focus on transportation and logistics management systems. He provides visionary direction that enhances logistics solutions offered by TECSYS to the healthcare and high-volume distribution industries.

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