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Power Your Retail Fulfillment

Taking your order fulfillment to the next level is how you stay ahead of the competition. But optimizing your retail fulfillment process and keeping shoppers happy without significantly increasing your operational costs is not an easy feat. How can you take your order fulfillment from good  to great?

Tecsys is here to guide you. We’ll equip you with the software, tools and consulting you need to power your retail fulfillment process.

Create positive shopping experiences.

Customers want accurate deliveries in less time. You want to save money on order fulfillment. Tecsys’ distributed order management (DOM) helps retailers and brands connect digital commerce to physical stores so you can optimize order fulfillment routes, minimize shipping costs, manage in-store returns, and give shoppers a real-time view of your inventory.

By clarifying uncertainty in your retail operations.

Tecsys’ workflow lets you capture payments, invoice, run tax calculations, split shipments, provide customer notifications, and much more—removing the complexity of managing special order types—so you can get your omnichannel operation running smoothly.

To fulfill customer orders faster.

Retail is a hyper-competitive industry. If you are not continually evolving, changing, and adapting to shoppers’ wants and needs, then your business may be at risk. Your unified commerce solution is the competitive differentiator that can accelerate order fulfillment and drive a successful omnichannel operation.

So that your organization has the space to thrive.

Flexibility, connectivity and scalability are key to an effective DOM system because these are the attributes that help retailers thrive too. We believe that growing organizations that have been good stewards should have every opportunity to reach their aspirations.

It’s time to create exceptional store fulfillment experiences.

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