Transportation Management


Know the movement of each item in your delivery network. At Tecsys, our technology helps you achieve the dependability, transparency and efficiency of a world-class distribution courier.

Plan and Execute Efficiently and Accurately

Get your orders across the dock, into the truck, and out on the road quickly and accurately. Leverage “scan and go” technology so your drivers can be in and out of customer facilities every time. 

Efficiency throughout your entire chain of delivery—in everything from orders to drivers, to fleets and routes—is the foundation of great customer service. It’s also a critical component of sustainability in the new distribution logistics landscape. 

Deliver on Time, Every Time

Give your couriers and drivers all the tools and information they need to provide exceptional customer service. Having security and accountability throughout your delivery network is paramount to success. A dependable courier operation is one where everything that is picked up is delivered to the right place at the right time and handled in the right way. Anything short of that means your customers will quickly find alternate sources for their logistics. 

Rely on Transparency to Know Where Everything Is

Be able to tell customers where their orders are, when they will arrive, and what happened to them along the way. Being able to reliably answer that age-old question, “Where’s my stuff?” is vital to your success as a world-class distribution courier operation. Today, you are measured against commercial courier benchmarks, so saying “It’s on its way” is simply not good enough. Your customers expect more. 



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Hidden Costs of Logistics in Healthcare

Logistics is an area of significant cost and waste in healthcare, but most hospitals and health systems are unaware that they are losing millions annually in easily avoided expenses. In addition, proper management in the movement of healthcare goods has a significant role in reducing risks to patient outcomes, satisfying drug tracking regulations, and eliminating liability due to breaches of patient privacy.

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How to Overcome “Last Mile” Delivery Challenges

In today’s marketplace, keeping up with the competition is crucial. For regional distribution centers, however, there’s more competition than ever before.

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